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Zimmerman Advertising Partners with Mobivity for Better Insights of Retail Customer Data

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Dennis Becker, CEO, Mobivity

Dennis Becker, CEO, Mobivity

PHOENIX, AZ: Zimmerman Advertising, an Omnicom Group company, that has its expertise in retail has partnered with Mobivity Holdings Corp. (OTCQB:MFON) to leverage processing capabilities of real-time purchase data on behalf of their clients providing clients with a competitive edge in retail marketing. The synergic partnership combines the latter’s award-winning, POS independent data capture technology that uncovers customer purchase behavior at the point of purchase with the former’s understanding of the retail landscape.

"As an agency that lives, eats, sleeps and breathes data to drive our strategic decision-making, we are constantly looking to innovate and find new ammunition in the retail wars so that our clients win," said Jordan Zimmerman, Founder and Chairman of Zimmerman Advertising. "Data is the new gold, and mobile is the new frontier. We found Mobivity's cutting edge technologies as a way to further arm us with the weapons we need to conquer a world where data and mobile have drastically changed the customer experience. The combined fire-power of a Zimmerman/Mobivity partnership will be game changing for our clients, and will redefine the way they engage with their customers, and it will transform the world of retail marketing and advertising. We couldn't be more excited to welcome Mobivity to the machine as our newest strategic partner." he added.

"Zimmerman has been a true disruptor in retail advertising and strategy, forging innovative solutions that drive big results for major brands," said Dennis Becker, CEO of Mobivity. "We knew, without a doubt, they would see the value in real-time point of sale data and how it could change the future of retail through digital and mobile marketing. We are honored to work alongside Zimmerman and combine their retail expertise and our experience real-time technology to change the game of retail marketing. We believe this partnership is an important milestone in pursuit of accelerating our growth, and we look forward to working closely with Zimmerman and their world class clientele." he added.

Mobivity, based off Arizona recently published its first quarter revenue which 96 percent to a record 1.85 mn dollars. The company’s smart suite of products - includes SmartReceipt™, SmartSMS, and SmartAnalytics which allows brands to unlock the power of customer, employee and POS data.