Zinwave Unfolds UNItivity: A Future-Proof Solution Implemented by City of Bellevue

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: According to the latest update in the tech market, the City of Bellevue, Washington has implemented Zinwave’s UNItivity wideband distributed wireless system in its 650,000 square foot City Hall complex. Zinwave is a wideband distributed network solution provider that empowers wireless and IP coverage around the globe. The Zinwave system enhances the capability of the City’s public safety and commercial cellular frequencies. It is a completely future-proof solution.

As the older Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) capability was limited to handle only two frequencies, Zinwave’s solution replaced it as  a better option for the City with its ability to handle any frequency and mobile operator without the requirement of any equipment upgrades. Not only this ability attracted the City’s attention but also the UNItivity’s approach towards all-fiber infrastructure to simplify installation, while reducing expenses, and allowing existing fiber utilization in the building.

“Providing public safety radio and cellular services throughout the building by leveraging our existing fiber-optic investments and getting away from the traditional coax-based DAS was important to us,” said Jim Rawley, Network Systems and Security Lead, IT Department, City of Bellevue. He also mentioned, “Safety for staff, security and innovation are paramount. We are always looking for ways to improve performance and reliability.”

The Zinwave system at City Hall handles different frequencies by supporting 800 MHz public safety plus 700 MHz LTE, 850 MHz cellular, 1900 MHz PCS, and 2100 MHz Advanced Wireless Services (AWS). However, the system currently supports only one major cellular carrier, the City is still in debate to add others to the system, and it can be done simply by integrating those cellular carriers into the UNItivity head-end. All the wireless and IP services operates in a combination between 150MHz-2700MHz, and are compatible with Zinwave’s wideband DAS on a one layer infrastructure. Another key feature of UNItivity is that multiple Full-Division Duplex (FDD) and Time-Division Duplex (TDD) Long Term Evaluation (LTE) services are simultaneously supported across any spectrum worldwide.

“Enterprises, municipalities, and other organizations need to support a wide array of radio frequencies in order to provide complete support for employees, visitors and first responders,” said John Spindler, Marketing Vice President, Zinwave.