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Zipari Designates Technology Veterans to Bolster Excellence

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Zipari has added two expert technology veterans to its leadership wing to attain drastic progress.

FREMONT, CA: Zipari, a leading first and only consumer experience platform that is dedicated to serving the health insurance industry, has designated Scott Morris as Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, and Michael Grimaldi as Senior Vice President of Technology Shared Services. The two technology veterans would multiply the value of the company’s leadership board. With these two appointments, Zipari s all set to make an increased amount of progress and bag incredible sales and growth at the same time.

As the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Zipari, Morris would be taking care of the information and cybersecurity program of the company. And Grimaldi, as Senior Vice President of Technology Shared Services, would lead the department of shared technology services that include architecture, core engineering, and quality assurance across the organization. The two hired technology veterans would equip Zipari with futuristic and highly valuable contributions and insights along with intelligent healthcare technology and security expertise. Both the newly appointed experts at Zipari are sure to double the reputation of the company and gain increased customer satisfaction.

Zipari is a tech startup that is based in Brooklyn, New York. The company is in the growth-stage and focuses on developing smart and highest tech products and solution suites for health insurance carriers. By delivering its clients and customers in new and innovative ways, Zipari ensures that its offerings are capable of offering realistic, instantaneous, and practical insights into every touchpoint with the help of technology. Zipari is envisioning serving its customers with client-centric, affordable, flexible, reliable, and efficient healthcare insurance software solutions.