ZL Technologies to Provide Massive-Scale Analysis of Multiple Enterprise Data

By CIOReview | Friday, July 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  ZL Technologies, a provider of enterprise information governance software, announced ZL NoSQL DB, the core processing and storage engine for massive-scale analysis of multiple data types.  

With ZL NoSQL DB, businesses can better leverage today's growing volumes of enterprise content via analytics, flexibly adapting to new data types and combining People Data, Business Data, and Machine Data for valuable insights that drive business performance. The benefits of incorporating ZL NoSQL DB into the enterprise information governance and analytics environment allows a more flexible, contextual, and consolidated approach to data analysis. With an analytics approach supplemented by NoSQL-based processing, the enterprise can cost-effectively manage and explore new relationships between diverse data sources. It will allow enterprises to pool data centrally, cross-analyze diverse data sources, and increase their performance.

The NoSQL architecture is a key component of the ZL Enterprise Analytics  (ZL EA) offering as well as the flagship ZL Unified Archive  platform (ZL UA). It allows enterprise to convert its existing IT assets into a strategic resource – to harness all the collective knowledge and memories of its employees, past and present, across the enterprise.

Z L Technologies makes Unified Archive software  (ZL UA) to enable large enterprises to manage all unstructured content such as email, files, and instant messages to satisfy corporate needs for eDiscovery, records management, regulatory compliance, information governance, and storage management. The information governance-focused framework of ZL Enterprise Analytics allows the business to analyze across the spectrum of various data types.  ZL’s power lies in its unified architecture, which allows for seamless archiving and search of a vast array of data types, across the enterprise, for multiple purposes.

"Big Data initiatives are expanding at a phenomenal rate, yet many organizations are still struggling to harness strategic intelligence from huge volumes of unstructured content. The architectural challenges of analyzing multi-terabyte volumes of unstructured data -- like email, IM, and social media content -- are immense, especially with the enterprise requesting in-line data processing without re-analysis of data. ZL NoSQL DB was engineered to specifically accommodate the volume and variety seen with today's information, providing the enormous flexibility, scalability, and adaptability that are critical to the success and ROI of long-term analytics initiatives," noted Dr. Arvind Srinivasan, CTO of ZL Technologies.