ZPE Gives Enterprises First Out-of-Band Converged Infrastructure Management

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Software defined infrastructure provider, ZPE launches NodeGrid- claiming to be the world’s first out-of-band converged infrastructure management appliance. The new technology will enhance data center management potential and protect enterprise CI investments.

NodeGrid will group multiple information technology into a single, optimized computing package dedicated with boundaries for accessing and managing data in a network. It will provide end-to-end monitoring across multiple layers of converged infrastructure including servers, storage, networking, virtual machines and power devices driving private, public or hybrid clouds.

Currently, NodeGrid is the only player in providing secured in-band and out-band converged infrastructure solution. Its appliance develops service management for device pools forms the foundation for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Docker, OpenStack, VMware ESXi and other cloud and on premise technologies. The software tool scales up vendor-neutral out-of-band management of all sizes and densities of computing environments.

“ZPE gave the data center world its first docker capable and faster ever serial console switch, and we’re leading data center management evolution with in-band and out-of-band converged infrastructure management capabilities,” said Arnaldo Zimmermann, CEO of ZPE Systems. “Without hyperscale OOB management, converged infrastructure may be dead in the water for hours, costing business units millions of dollars in downtime.”

This platform simplifies day zero deployment, configuration, access and control of in-and-out-band compute, network, storage and power infrastructures. It possesses skills to hyperscale, hyperconverge data center management and design from ground up to meet surging information processing demands. It is powered with quad core CPU, large flash storage, software defined flexibility from 64-bit Linux and docker apps.