ZUZA Adds KL 45 Miniature Folding Machine to Meet Enterprise Printing Needs

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: ZUZA, a marketing, printing and mailing firm announces the addition of the HERZOG + HEYMANN KL 45 miniature folding machine to its line of art production equipment.

The new technology intends to meet the printing needs of pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics and other companies that make or distribute products require small folded sheets in their packaging.

The KL 45 enables companies to print and fold very small materials and is precisely designed for lightweight paper processing. It can fold sheets up to 18 inches wide and also make folds as little as 0.71(lesser than an inch).

The process finds applications in mini-folded directions that are administered with medical prescriptions, instruction sheets for medical devices, ingredient lists, legal liability leaflets, and other printed materials.

The company claims that pertaining to high standards set by government regulatory agencies; medical device and pharmaceutical companies require an assurance that their vendors can provide consistent results that meet their exacting specifications which is provided by the product. It performs all phases of the print production process in house, ensuring that they all conform to ZUZA’s ISO 9001:2008-certified processes.

“ISO certification helps provide the assurance our customers want, and few printers have this certification, fewer still have a medical folding device, which makes us unique in keeping the entire production process within one ISO-certified vendor.Purchasing the KL 45 represents a significant financial outlay for ZUZA. The KL 45 will substantially improve our ability to serve the unique printing and packaging needs of our customers in these and other industries,” says Philip Lurie, President, ZUZA.