ZVerse, Inc. collaborates with Konica Minolta to Make 2D Content 3D Printable
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ZVerse, Inc. collaborates with Konica Minolta to Make 2D Content 3D Printable

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C: With its non-exclusive software reseller agreement with Konica Minolta Business Solutions, ZVerse, Inc recently gained access to ZVerse LAYR, Konica Minolta’s 2D-to-3D content creation platform. ZVerse is making the world's 2D content 3D printable through its solutions designed to make creation of 3D printed objects from 2D images trouble-free.  

"The biggest challenge to widespread adoption of 3D printing is that you need a 3D file. And creating these files can be a very inefficient and expensive process," explained John Carrington, ZVerse CEO. "We designed the ZVerse LAYR™ platform to solve the challenges of 3D printable content creation. ZVerse LAYR is a turnkey suite of software applications that make any 2D content 3D printable. "

ZVerse’s customer-base includes commercial printers, marketing agencies, architects and engineers, K-12 educational institutions and more. "The Konica Minolta partnership will extend our reach in mature markets." Carrington added, "Beginning with 300 print production specialists who will be offering the solution to their customers in North America. We are very excited about this partnership which supports our mission to make all 2D content 3D printable. And our initial feedback indicates that ZVerse LAYR™ is meeting a demand for 3D printing in traditional 2D content markets."  

"We are very excited about this partnership," said Gavin Jordan-Smith, Vice President of Solutions and Production Planning at Konica Minolta. "We are already successfully selling a line of 3D printers, but the LAYR™ platform takes the opportunity to an entirely new level. We are bundling ZVerse services with a 3D printer, or alternatively, we are selling the services platform and sales training to enable them to enter the market without an equipment investment. It's a key strategic partnership for us."

Konica Minolta expects to offer ZVerse LAYR in Q2 of 2016.