Zymbit Introduces New IoT Solutions, Announces Contest to Promote IoT Experiences
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Zymbit Introduces New IoT Solutions, Announces Contest to Promote IoT Experiences

By CIOReview | Monday, May 18, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Zymbit, an innovative IoT solutions provider, has announced three new solutions for its integrated IoT platform that aid innovators and developers to achieve faster time to market for their IoT products. The company has also announced a contest to promote IoT where the winners of the contest would be made available with first 5 Zymbit Orange devices to scale their IoT projects.

The new hardware and software solutions for the Zymbit IoT platform include: Zymbit Connectivity Software – simplifies data sharing with security and enables management of remote devices; Zymbit Orange Hardware – makes data acquisition easy at the edge of the network as well as at the new user interfaces; Zymbit Iris – facilitates interaction with IoT devices using color, touch, and scale.

The Zymbit IoT platform leverages open technologies as well as open developer and application communities to enable users to achieve faster time to market of their IoT ideas and products. Enabled with better security and privacy through hardware- and software-based multi-level security architecture, the company is building an open architecture product that is suitable for most IoT applications.

With its unique contest, Zymbit looks forward to help IoT solution makers and developers in scaling their IoT solutions to the masses. The company has called upon makers and developers to register their projects to the Zymbit community through which the makers can share live data streams with others and explore other forms of collaboration.

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