NMI: Redefining Omni-channel Payment Processing

Roy Banks, CEO
There has never been a more intense need for a unified payment processing system that assists merchants and retailers alike in accepting and processing payments in all sales channels and environments. In this scenario, integrating and simplifying the complexities of both card-present and card-not-present payments within a single platform has become imperative to process payments seamlessly. Adding to this, while the demand for EMV adoption has been growing incessantly; merchant service providers consider it critical to enable customers with an EMV solution that serves the foundation for contact and contactless card-present payments. Catering to the multifarious payment requirements of merchants, NMI, a payments technology company, builds best-in-class payment solutions for its partners who can both brand and sell them as their proprietary payment services to their merchant customers. The firm’s compelling value proposition lies in the fact that unlike other conventional payment gateways that endorse a reseller-based business model, NMI’s payments technology allows ISOs, ISVs, VARs and payment facilitators to not only offer omni-channel payment gateway services to their merchants, but also enables them with the added benefit of doing so under their own brand with 100 percent control over their merchant relationships. NMI CEO, Roy Banks extols, “Our gateway technology has evolved beyond just a white-label ecommerce payment gateway platform to a true omni-channel payments enablement platform.”

The firm’s recent acquisition of Creditcall has expanded its omni-channel and EMV capabilities, creating a one-of-a-kind payment gateway enablement platform that supports all channels of commerce, including retail, ecommerce, mobile and unattended. Adding value to the payment and card ecosystem, NMI has added a robust suite of EMV chip card, swipe and contactless terminals, and processor certifications to the NMI platform. This makes it the ideal payment technology partner for ISOs, ISVs, and VARs who need a complete and unified payment solution for merchants conducting business in an omni-channel environment. Leveraging the integrated payment platform, NMI partners can obtain all of their card-present and card-not-present payments technology from a single vendor and platform for their merchants.
“By combining Creditcall’s EMV technology and card-present expertise with NMI’s market-leading card-not-present white-label payment gateway platform, we have transformed into a one-stop-shop for omni-channel solutions for all organizations ranging from SMEs to big corporations,” states Banks.

Our gateway technology has evolved beyond just a white-label ecommerce payment gateway platform to a true omni-channel payments enablement platform

NMI serves as a reliable and secure payment technology partner for CIOs who are continually plagued with the uphill task of fortifying payment data. For CIOs, who are invariably laden with a full-time job of managing the security of the operational and service infrastructure of their companies, the additional responsibility and risk of securing valuable and sensitive cardholder data can be quite a task. NMI’s best-in-class suite of data security and fraud detection services shield transaction data from potential breaches, thereby relieving CIOs of the encumbrance of data security.

NMI significantly reduces the time and cost consumed to secure and maintain an organization’s payment technology platform. As a payment technology company, NMI possesses decades of expertise in the field and can efficiently scale and utilize costs while developing innovative payment solutions. “Building payment technology is not typically the core competency of our partners and is a distraction from their core business focus. We built our platform with our partners in mind so that they could circumvent the time and expense of building and maintaining a payment gateway on their own, focusing on delivering best-in-class payment services to their merchants,” explains Banks.

Sprinting ahead in full steam, NMI aims to expand and enhance its payments enablement technology platform, evolving into a one-stop- shop of omni-channel solutions for businesses of every size.


Roselle, IL

Roy Banks, CEO

NMI’s payments technology allows ISOs, ISVs, VARs and payment facilitators to offer omni-channel payment gateway services to their merchants