NNIT: Digital Transformation with a compliant edge

Bo Olsen, General Manager
In the recent years, there has been a substantial increase in compliance requirements among pharmaceutical companies, spanning across multiple business activities and functions. At the same time, the digital transformation has entailed many new opportunities for working smarter across the pharma value chain. The ability to merge these two paradigms is what NNIT excels in.

“Being the CIO of a life sciences business can be a difficult balancing act with a quite ubiquitous challenge. The question being how to maintain and operate existing IT infrastructure and Business Applications while also supporting the digital transformation your Line of Business (LoB) requires to stay on top in this increasingly competitive landscape,” says Bo Olsen, the general manager of NNIT Inc. “NNIT can help CIOs in the life sciences industry by providing a foundation for digital transformation, that is regulatory compliant,” adds Olsen.

NNIT can integrate existing IT portfolio with digital transformation initiatives. NNIT’s many years of experience in the industry and continuous review of our offerings help to ensure that we always adhere to current compliance laws, and continually follow up on changing GxP regulations. NNIT can help bridge between existing legacy systems and modern GxP compliant cloud solutions,” adds Olsen.

Ultimately, this will give NNIT’s clients the right platform for entering the digital transformation journey, as the CIOs free up time to work with LOB. The company also keeps pace with different changes going on in the regulatory space through its association with FDA personnel. “This helps in customizing and developing our solutions according to the latest regulatory changes so that we can help our clients comprehend and comply with the regulatory obligations,” adds Olsen.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pharma and life sciences space, NNIT understands the challenges that businesses in these sectors face.

NNIT’s solutions are based on industry best practice, can integrate with the clients’ existing IT landscape, and are fully compliant with FDA, EMA and other regulations

Leveraging its technology and support from life sciences experts, the company offers integrated IT consultancy services, development and hosting of (GxP) applications and infrastructure as well as support that increase the capabilities of the pharmaceutical value chain, including drug development, regulatory affairs, quality management, and serialization processes.

Since the pharmaceutical industry needs to improve performance and reduce costs by digitalization, NNIT’s solutions are fine-tuned to liberate data, optimize innovation and bring costs down. The company uses proven software and technology standards from Veeva, DELL/EMC, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, and HP, which are tailored to meet the clients’ exact needs.

Having carved a unique niche in the pharma and life sciences space, NNIT now envisions expanding its existing markets in Europe, US, and Asia. Currently, the company has operational offices in US, Philippines, China, Thailand, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Denmark, and Switzerland and will be growing organically further in the existing markets. On top of the organic growth focus, NNIT has recently announced the acquisition of Valiance Partners LLC. in the US. “Being a young company, the focus on our unique niche gives us the edge, and we eye immense growth in the regulatory and production space,” concludes Olsen.


Princeton, NJ

Bo Olsen, General Manager

Delivering integrated IT consultancy services and solutions that increase the capabilities of key areas of the pharmaceutical value chain