NobelBizTM: Disrupting the Contact Center Space with BI

Phil Grudzinski, President
With the introduction of a myriad of technologies, communications in enterprises have transformed from traditional “operational” call centers into a more evolved intelligent contact center. Evidently, “Call centers are not just about calls anymore; it is about the limitless ways the enterprise can communicate with their customers through sophisticated contact center operations and the synthesis of these communications with the large-scale enterprise divisions they serve–providing real-time business intelligence (BI),” begins Phil Grudzinski, the President of NobelBiz. Forever forward, the modern marketplace will rely heavily on multi-channel customer interactions, driving critical activities such as sales, customer service, retention, as well as pre and post sales communications.

From a customer interaction perspective, the seasoned communication technology expert says, “to extend a seamless customer journey within an enterprise, interactive platforms are undergoing dramatic advancements in the infrastructure and the nature of their processes.” However, on the flip side, he adds, “Technology has thus become more complex and the data produced by these processes has become more challenging to capture, interpret, and analyze.”

Herein comes the specialization of NobelBiz, an organization uniquely positioned to arm multi-site contact centers and BPOs with unprecedented big-data, real-time BI.

“While most solutions are focused on the front-end of the customer communication process, little has been done in the back-end to synthesize the different channels of contacts for the enterprise customers. Adding to this complexity, legacy systems fail to handle this data and/or aggregate it to create useful, real-time BI,” comments Grudzinski. NobelBiz can effectively leverage intelligent data analytics to enable seamless communication between companies and their customers with VitalSigns®, the company’s flagship product. A revolutionary platform in the contact center space, VitalSigns effectively alleviates the need for an on-premise data warehouse by capturing time series-transactional data in a cloud-based environment and assists in simplifying data analysis for smoother communication and information to all levels of management.

Regardless of the type and the source of your data, VitalSigns creates a data analytics store by aggregating and normalizing data across the contact center and enterprise, including but not limited to, ACD, call recording, PBX, CRM, ERP, HR, email, chat, financial systems and more. The nature of data warehouse technology used to create an analytic data store is evolving.

We aim to disrupt the omnichannel intelligent contact center space with the VitalSigns® BI platform

Today, to understand the customer journey in context with business value, detailed time series transactions, not just summarized data, is now a requirement. Time-stamped data from Google analytics, contact detail records, sales and support transactions need to be aggregated, harmonized, and added to the analytic data store in their raw transactional form. Mapping, relating, and harmonizing the vast quantities of detailed data needs to be a quick and easy search so analysis can spot trends, create visualizations, reports, and dashboards using intuitive self-service tools. Data forking techniques enable the velocity of the transactions to be processed and analyzed quickly and efficiently.

Traditional data warehouses continue to utilize a time-consuming, sometimes manual process to generate reports without extensive analysis, which, quite evidently, lacks innovation. Confronting this challenge, “Our primary aims are to 1) reach out to the end-users at all levels of management, 2) responsibly analyze the customer data in a real-time manner and 3) generate insights to accelerate decision making instead of producing generic reports,” states Grudzinski.

Partners like Etech, a pioneer solution provider of intelligent sales, customer experience, and technology, is particularly benefited by VitalSigns. The client invested in numerous resources to aggregate and report data, but what they required was a comprehensive program to consolidate the presentation of all of their in-house data in a real-time environment. The combination of technology offered by VitalSigns, effectively deployed in several call centers, coupled with Etech’s domain-level expertise, resulted in enhancing agent utilization rates along with increased revenue.

NobelBiz currently focuses on enhancing and differentiating its cloud-based, hosted contact center solutions with VitalSigns. The company has aggressive plans to develop a standalone VitalSigns cloud environment, which can be used in contact centers, as well as enterprises, across the country. “We believe the VitalSigns solution will disrupt the omnichannel intelligent contact center space in the years to come,” concludes Grudzinski.


Carlsbad, CA

Phil Grudzinski, President

NobelBiz arms multi-site contact centers and BPOs with unprecedented big-data business intelligence, compliance, and sales conversion capabilities