Nok Nok: Bringing Enhanced Security and Seamless Customer Experience

Authentication is the front door to customer trust in digital services. Business leadership in all the world’s digital enterprises is coming to the realization that password-based logins are inherently vulnerable, not to mention the inconvenience of forgotten and mistyped passwords. To meet the demand for better security and customer experience, replacing old, weak authentication methods with modern passwordless authentication is the need of the hour.

This is where Nok Nok makes a difference, helping its telco, banking and fin-tech clients deliver a consistently higher quality customer experience across mobile and web channels and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA). As one of the leading companies providing innovative B2C authentication solutions based on next-level MFA Nok Nok empowers organizations to increase security and while improving customer experience when accessing digital services compliant with the latest global regulatory requirements. The company’s passwordless framework is designed to offer a passwordless customer authentication option alongside the traditional knowledge-based identity, governance, and administration infrastructure, based on passwords for registering, authenticating, and verifying customers accessing digital services.

The foundation of this paradigm shift facilitated by Nok Nok is a passwordless authentication platform, which is built from the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) cryptographic authentication specifications. It provides organizations with a wide range of passwordless, key-based capabilities, including biometric and behavioral authenticator methods. These passwordless authentication methods are quickly deployed into the organization’s legacy customer identity and access management systems to deliver a secure and scalable experience to end customers.

“Our modern passwordless authentication with the FIDO standard provides clients with the highest security standards, along with a transparent and agile customer experience,” says Phillip Dunkelberger, founder and CEO of Nok Nok.

By offering a second more secure, lower friction login option that sits alongside legacy methods of authentication, Nok Nok’s modern passwordless authentication platform empowers organizations with phishing-resistant login approaches while eliminating CX friction across all customer engagement touchpoints. Nok Nok’s passwordless platform enables organizations to step away from ‘password fatigue’ and put their best foot forward in incorporating a reliable authentication mechanism for their customers, across all of their platforms and channels. By making it easy to register, connect and transact, the company facilitates increased customer capture, engagement and brand loyalty.

Whether it is mobile phones, desktops, laptops, ATMs, smart watches, or call center authentication, Nok Nok achieves frictionless and secure multi-factor authentication across multiple backend systems with a single login setup.
The company provides end customers with faster registration, login and transaction speeds by authenticating users across their entire customer journey.

Nok Nok’s FIDO capabilities greatly simplify regulatory compliance, even against the strictest privacy regulations. The company’s next-level multi-factor authentication in a single and convenient gesture enables organizations to effectively comply with PSD2 SCA, GDPR, and HIPAA requirements.

Our modern passwordless authentication with the FIDO standard provides clients with the highest security standards, along with a transparent and agile customer experience

One of the leading-edge mobile network operators in Japan, NTT Docomo, sought Nok Nok’s help in effectively deploying passwordless authentication across its applications to facilitate a seamless customer experience. While using the password-based authentication process, the client was incurring decreased average revenue per user (ARPU) due to the complex, higher-friction customer experience, where users had to log into their computers to use mobile services. NokNok’s passwordless authentication platform implemented by NTT Docomo provided customers with a quick login process via touch and swipe, biometrics, and selfie methods. The company started by implementing Nok Nok’s method for 36 applications across four types of phones and eventually deployed the authentication platform across 700 applications in thousands of devices all over Japan. Their customer experience, security, and ARPU rate shot up significantly owing to the ease of use facilitated by Nok Nok.

Similar success stories have proved that the Nok Nok platform is making end-consumer access safer while significantly lowering friction. The company is becoming a guiding compass for organizations to deliver significant enterprise digital transformation benefits to customers associated with faster registration and onboarding at reduced operational expenditure (OPEX) and lower call center remediation.

The company is relentlessly keen to take customer experience to the next level by ensuring that its clients can trust Nok Nok with their most challenging customer obstacles in the identity and authentication process.

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Phillip Dunkelberger, Founder and CEO

Nok Nok is one of the leading companies in delivering the most innovative authentication solutions that empower organizations to balance security and user experience to access digital services while meeting the most advanced regulatory requirements

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