Numerix LLC: Optimizing Cross-Asset Pricing and Risk Management Solutions with the Cloud

James J. Jockle, CMO & SVP, Global Marketing and Corporate Communication
Risk management has always been on the priority list for banking professionals around the world and today, it’s revolutionizing the way banks operate. The need for improved risk management is not only driven by regulators, but by the internal and external stakeholders including investors, boards of directors, in some cases, the government.

The impact of the global financial crisis has placed greater emphasis on a financial institution's ability to demonstrate a comprehensive approach to viewing enterprise wide exposures and risk. Coming to the aid of financial organizations is New York based Numerix, an independent analytics institution, which provides a flexible and transparent framework to support real-time risk for the front office and risk department, derivatives valuation, collateral optimization, dynamic hedge analysis, scenario analysis and aggregate risk measures.

The power and flexibility of Numerix has also helped to forge strategic alliances with industry leaders, technology providers and valuation specialists from around the world establishing the industry's most robust partner ecosystem for derivatives and structured products.

Being a Financial Services Industry Managed Partner of Microsoft, Numerix has built its analytics solutions to be interoperable with the latest release of Microsoft Windows Azure and Windows HPC Server. “Numerix-Microsoft integrated offerings enable financial services professionals to burst pricing and risk calculations to the Cloud so they can manage their portfolios and assess risk on an intra-day and enterprise-wide basis,” delineates Steven R. O'Hanlon, CEO and President at Numerix.

The Numerix CrossAsset analytics platform is a scalable, high performance computing environment based upon our Integration Layer, a data-driven interface that empowers users and partners to non-programmatically extend CrossAsset with custom interfaces, new models, and business logic.It simplifies the complex Excel calculations, and distributes them across a grid or a combination of both private and public cloud compute environments.

“The integration layer facilitates consumption of Numerix’ pricing and analytics as a cloud-based calculation node,” explains James J. Jockle, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, Global Marketing and Corporate Communications.

Our ability to burst pricing and risk calculations to Windows Azure is revolutionizing the way diverse portfolios of derivates are being risk managed within financial organizations

Numerix is also commended by various CFOs and CEOs for its 'Analytic' Straight-Through-Processing (ASTP) model. What makes it unique is its ability to adopt client’s front-office applications, and seamlessly integrate Numerix with their existing middle- and back-office systems. It increases the system interoperability and STP (Straight Through Processing) of derivatives products, bringing much-needed procedural consistency to the portfolio and model valuation process. Additionally, the firm’s Quantitative Services group, with more than 60 PhD’s is introducing new validation and reporting services for the customers.

Over the years, Numerix has made a clientele that comprises over 700 customers, in addition to more than 90 partners that spreads across 25 countries worldwide. With our Azure-enabled Numerix CrossAsset solutions, customers can get the right answer faster by bursting calculations to public, private or hybrid cloud environments. As a result, our customers save time, money and are empowered to make better trading and risk management decisions.

As Numerix has accomplished strong foothold in the present market, the company now is planning to further enhance their array of solutions using the constantly evolving Microsoft technologies. “We aim to develop into a stronger resolution partner for our clients, providing the best innovative technologies with guidance. Cloud enablement will also be an integral part of our new product development efforts,” concludes O'Hanlon.

Numerix LLC

New York, NY

James J. Jockle, CMO & SVP, Global Marketing and Corporate Communication and Steven R. O\\\\\\\'Hanlon, CEO & President

Provides cross-asset pricing and risk solutions for structuring, pre-trade price discovery, trade capture, valuation and portfolio management of derivatives and structured products.