OGx Consulting: Deriving Meaningful Insights for Quality Decisions

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Alvin McBorrough, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Big data has been instrumental in empowering organizations by extracting meaningful insights from substantial volumes of structured and unstructured data for quality decision making. When organizations do not possess the right tools and technical know-how to handle the data properly, this purposeful data asset can end up being a downside. Enterprises today are in need of a trustworthy partner who can help them harness value from their information resources, make better decisions, improve business operations while reducing risks. Deemed as one of the leading-edge innovators in big data analytics services, Denver-based OGx Consulting is making a mark in the industry by helping enterprises become more analytical and data-driven.

The company’s core competencies lie in transforming clients’ data into meaningful insights, which enables them to gain a competitive edge by planning, fulfilling compliances and forecasting. “We focus on helping clients become a viable entity with a better decision-making perspective and provide them with core opportunities that guarantee the highest returns,” begins Alvin McBorrough, co-founder and managing partner of OGx Consulting. By examining the clients’ data assets, OGx Consulting draws out predictive insights, which in turn, helps clients reap the benefits of reduced operational costs, growth in revenue and lower risks.

When it comes to understanding the client’s performance as an organization, OGx Consulting takes a consultative approach and evaluates the company through an organizational maturity assessment or program maturity assessment. Alongside, OGx Consulting’s team of experts works on developing the client’s capabilities and competencies through multiple stages of training programs. OGx Consulting also provides extended training in advanced excel programming, data analytics tools, python, IBM SPSS, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to employees on the client side.

While engaging with a prospective client, OGx Consulting follows a WADIO methodology, which is an abbreviation for workshop, assessments, design, implementation and optimization to assess the client’s business complexities. Initially through workshops, OGx Consulting demonstrates their ability to provide significant value to the client in order to earn their trust and thereby improve the company’s credibility. Subsequently, the OGx Consulting team studies the client’s roles, responsibilities, challenges and the industry’s roadblocks via a set of assessments and gap analysis.

We engage with clients and focus on the best of their interests to provide them with core opportunities that guarantee the highest returns

In not more than a week’s time, through OGx Consulting’s workshops, the team provides a comprehensive data and analytics roadmap, which delivers impactful results in the shortest time possible. “We leverage the best analytical methodologies, practices and tools to design the most fitting solutions that solve the client’s business challenges and boosts their operational performance,” adds McBorrough.

To further validate the effectiveness of OGx Consulting’s offerings, McBorrough recollects a success story of a client in the public sector. Faced with the challenge of understanding the bracket of employee retirement age in order to better prepare for aggressive recruitment, the client approached OGx Consulting for their analytics services. OGx Consulting prepared a questionnaire aimed at apprehending the retention rate of the entity by focusing the questions on the employees. Analyzing the data that was obtained from the questionnaire survey conducted among the employees, OGx Consulting was able to guide the client in apprehending the retirement age bracket, improve their retention rate and target their interviews, marketing and hiring of new employees.

What makes OGx Consulting a game changer in the industry is their ability to cater to and establish strategic relationships with their clients. According to McBorrough, these partnerships have played an important role in helping OGx Consulting enhance their predictive and analytical capabilities and deliver customized solutions to their clients.

In an endeavor to better serve their clients, OGx Consulting is on its way to building a team of competent scientists, engineers, architects and analysts in the data analytics sector to allow clients to gain a complete advantage of the data around them. Driving ahead, OGx Consulting is pursuing AI, ML and deep learning to augment their analytics and technological services.

OGx Consulting

Denver, CO

Alvin McBorrough, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

OGx Consulting specializes in maximizing enterprise value and growth potential for clients by leveraging a unique approach rooted in collaboration and comprehensive business analysis. The leading performance improvement firm delivers change by empowering clients to achieve profound business and operational results. OGx Consulting partners with clients to understand the reality of their business performance, and then, works with them to close the gap between that reality and their business aspirations to elevate their performance. The company also develops and implements technology solutions to improve the client's productivity and efficiency