OneSource Virtual: Integrating Business Functions through Workday

Wesley Bryan, CPTO & Co-Founder
The wave of multitenant technologies is causing an inflection point for organizations, which have long endured the perpetual pain of managing and replacing their legacy on-premise ERP systems. Regardless, the prowess of cloud solutions does not eclipse the burden of post maintenance services—which tend to be expensive and complex. Few firms have overcome this challenge by outsourcing services to third-party vendors to support and maintain different business functions. “But as the dust settles,” the CPTO and Co-Founder of OneSource Virtual, Wesley Bryan rebukes, “these vendors operating on a single infrastructure often fail to connect at the user level.” Irving, TX based OneSource Virtual is extending its support to companies by bringing Workday’s cloud applications on board to manage various business aspects such as finance, human capital, and IT operations. As a strategic partner, OneSource Virtual has years of experience in implementing Workday applications across a firm’s infrastructure and driving value through Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes, consulting, and training.

OneSource Virtual is a Business Process as a Service firm, providing services that leverage the Workday application and propel businesses forward. “We take care of the critical steps—staffing, training, and certification—and our customers benefit from the pool of knowledge and business continuity that we bring to the table, all at the fraction of a cost,” says Bryan. OneSource Virtual offers Lifecycle Deployment and Large Enterprise Deployment across the Workday Human Capital Management and Financial applications. “We address customer issues by helping them understand the long-term strategy and developing a roadmap that fosters customer’s maturation across the Workday footprint,” explains Bryan. OneSource Virtual has hundreds of certifications for the entire Workday platform including benefits, compensation, talent, payroll, integration, recruiting, expense, and reporting.

OneSource Virtual relieves customers from exhausting time and money in managing multitenant cloud infrastructures through its Strategic Consulting, which includes Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Transformation services. OCM focuses on people, processes, and technology to help customers transform insights into actionable strategies for optimized processes.

We address customer issues by helping them understand the long-term strategy and developing a roadmap that fosters customer’s maturation across the Workday footprint

The Transformation service helps evaluate people, processes, technology, and data to identify gaps and create tailored solutions that meet business objectives. The blueprints that result from consulting and optimization efforts often include ALM service engagements to retroactively and proactively manage customers’ Workday environments for configuration, dashboards and reporting, and future planning. “These services play a vital role in successful cloud implementation which drives value and ROI,” adds Bryan.

OneSource Virtual has changed the way customers interact with outsourcing services by delivering exceptional customer experience through technology-enabled solutions. “By delivering services in-application, as a step in the business process framework, we provide full transparency to customers not only around processes, but also to data, in real time,” says Bryan. The expertise is honed by OneSource Virtual’s constant investments in next-generation technologies to augment its services where functional platform gaps exist. “This allows us to build the right architectural foundation, as opposed to bolt-on or integrated solutions,” adds Bryan.

Going forward, OneSource Virtual will continue to efficiently deliver services across multiple business areas and deliver effective solutions for ALM, F&A, earnings, document management as well as other areas of expansion for Workday. “We will continue to operate across verticals and horizontals, and expand internationally with plans to continue European growth during 2106 and 2017, enter APAC and Latin America in 2017, and Middle East and Africa in 2018 and beyond,” concludes Bryan.

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Wesley Bryan, CPTO & Co-Founder

Deploys and delivers BPaaS services for the Workday application, a cloud-based human resources and finance platform for medium and large organizations

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