OnSolve: Public Safety through Geo-Targeted Alerts

Ann Pickren, President
Threats and emergencies in the form of a bomb scare at a public facility, life-threatening weather events or even outbreaks of contagious diseases, have increased in number and complexity. In order to mitigate the impact of threats on the public, governments— federal, state, local—are required to quickly notify and communicate with citizens, across many platforms, devices and channels including voice, email, messaging or social media.

At the forefront of enabling seamless communication between citizens and governments is OnSolve, a pioneer in offering cloud-based communication and collaboration tools for quick delivery of critical notifications and alerts to citizens.

OnSolve’s solution portfolio is comprised of CodeRED, MIR3, TelAlert, Send Word Now and SmartNotice, all of which are built specifically for the secure exchange of critical information. All the products have certain common functions such as bidirectional communication that allows citizens to respond to the alerts sent by public sector organizations (PSOs). As government agencies seek to reinforce public safety, resolving incidents affecting citizens in the shortest time, becomes imperative. OnSolve automates the issuance of notifications or alerts according to pre-defined rules such as targeting residents in a specific geographical area, ranging from a block to a mile radius or an entire county. OnSolve’s geo-targeting capabilities are invaluable for providing emergency response to citizens of a particular area affected by a threat such as storm.

Although OnSolve has four core products in its product portfolio, the ones most germane to the public sector are CodeRED and MIR3. “CodeRED, is a SaaS solution available 24/7/365 allowing PSOs to maximize their outreach to the public through geo-targeted, time-sensitive and high-speed notifications,” mentions Ann Pickren, President, OnSolve. Using CodeRED’s feature-rich interface, notifications can be delivered through multiple modes such as voice, text, email, RSS feeds, IPAWS, social media, and desktop pop-ups; push notifications can also be sent to public on the CodeRED Mobile Alert App. MIR3 is another mass-notification and business continuity solution from OnSolve optimized for large enterprise and federal agencies managing events like disaster recovery efforts.

CodeRED is a SaaS solution available 24/7/365 allowing PSOs to maximize their outreach to the public through geo-targeted, time sensitive, and high-speed notifications

MIR3’s speed and flexibility ensure that contact groups of all sizes with members spread across the world receive and respond to multi-modal alerts from the PSOs. Government organizations can use the MIR3 DataSync solution to pull information from various contact databases, providing access to latest contact information for sending out alerts and responding to them in a variety of ways.

OnSolve’s product portfolio has struck a chord with several organizations involved in public safety and law enforcement. The CodeRED product has played a pivotal role in several instances where mass-notifications saved lives and property. For instance, during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, CodeRED delivered over 230,000 alerts with area-specific public safety instructions. In 2016, when a boy was reported to be missing in a wooded area of Carver in MA, the police department alerted the residents of the incident. The Sheriff’s department also issued alerts to the public seeking their cooperation in uniting the boy with his parents. Finally, the boy was found and returned safely to his family. Later in 2016, when a bush fire broke out in Yarnell, Arizona issued a CodeRED notification for the safe evacuation of the entire town.

“CodeRED has been battle-tested and is relied upon by thousands of clients across the U.S., including over 15 statewide implementations, to deliver their critical communications,” states Ann, with justifiable pride. With its client base growing faster, OnSolve is all set to play a major role in assisting the government at various levels to ensure public safety.


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Ann Pickren, President

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