Opus Interactive: Orchestrating the Hybrid IT Digital Transformation

Eric Hulbert, CEO
The importance that the company places on understanding that each business is facing unique needs is reflected in their motto, ‘Technology, meets Humanity’—a paramount aspect when it comes to helping organizations make the digital transformation journey from on-premise to hybrid cloud. “We deliver a white glove service to our customers that comes with more than two decades of developing strong partnerships and hosting and managing critical IT infrastructures,” explains Hulbert, “We call it the ‘IT-as-a-Service’ as opposed to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)..”

The unique value proposition that Opus beholds, as a company highly focused on cloud services, branches out in three aspects: every solution is orchestrated to deliver where, how and when the data is stored, transferred, and accessed to yield maximum performance and cost savings for the customer.

The company operates from world class Tier III facilities . Opus Interactive’s state-of-the-art datacenters deliver unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, security, and reliable connectivity and are chosen based on strategic geographic location, high security, redundant network, connectivity, reliable power, and available monitoring solutions. Hulbert explains that the company works closely with each customer over a course of multiple whiteboard sessions to understand both short term and long-term needs. The resulting solution incorporates existing infrastructure that still has valuable assets and combines them with cloud to deliver a comprehensive hybrid approach that not only converts capex to opex funds, but also distributes workloads and data access seamlessly.

The ability to work with large public cloud providers or deliver their own OpusCloud ensures that the entire infrastructure and IT workload of the enterprise—encompassing on-premise equipment, data centers, public, and private clouds—can be managed and monitored from a single comprehensive panel. “With data being distributed across multiple vendors to maximize performance and savings in a hybrid cloud, it can be challenging for IT departments to set up, manage, and maintain their resources,” says Hulbert, “Working with a single vendor that offers a single-pane-of-glass approach, can be all the difference.

We adopt an all-encompassing consultative hybrid IT approach to become their trusted advisor and long-term partner

As they continue moving their workloads to different environments, they can see those resources, run dead tests before going live, and we can ensure that their infrastructure is available in multiple geographies.”

“It’s not enough to have reliability and monitoring,” says Hulbert, “having the ability to distribute and access data when you need it is key.” Opus Interactive has a particular prominence in the US West Coast, as one that is known to deliver exceptionally low-latency connections of 4.5ms to Amazon Direct Connect; the fastest connectivity to Amazon US West infrastructures. California-based AmericanTours International (ATI) looked to Opus to keep their critical, high volume networks, and application infrastructures up and running, while offering them a scalability that would meet their growth needs. Opus delivered a custom hosting solution, powered by vCloud Suite, paired with state-of-the-art-hardware managed from tier 3 data centers in Oregon. The entire ATI reservation system and marketing websites were moved to OpusCloud, powered by VMware. Opus’ engineers manage and monitor ATI’s infrastructures, both in-house as well as off-premise for security, performance, and high-availability uptime, catering to a global audience of travelers.

Hulbert predicts that the future for Opus Interactive is meticulously defined around the idea of edge performance and low latency. “As AR, AI, and connected devices are becoming more prevalent in the market, it will bubble back to enterprise CIOs, who will be challenged to be closer to eyeball traffic, and manage their IT infrastructures in a similar way.” The microservices and container architectures delivered by the company are a result of this foresight, making infrastructure available at the edge. As Opus continues to stay at the front of the curb, the core vision stays unadulterated, pushing the envelope of white-glove infrastructure services.

Opus Interactive

Portland, OR

Eric Hulbert, CEO

Provides cloud hosting, managed services, disaster recovery and collocation services

Opus Interactive