Park Systems: Improving Wafer Production Quality Assurance with Atomic Force Microscopy

Keibock Lee, President & GM
Miniaturization of device geometry, new materials and increasing levels of chip integration requires the semiconductor industry to face production challenges to optimize accuracy throughout the wafer manufacturing process. Conventional techniques such as SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and other optical methods have become inadequate to offer the required precision and reliability to achieve their goals. Semiconductor companies world-wide have partnered with world-leading AFM manufacturer Park Systems to fulfill their nanoscale microscopy needs, with their comprehensive line of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) rendering unparalleled accuracy and versatility, including Park NX-Wafer, a revolutionary AFM solution designed for bare wafer manufacturing that fully automates the automatic defect review process and increases production throughput by an astounding 1,000 percent. At the same time, the operating costs are low thanks to Park’s unique technology and innovative engineering.

“Ever increasing advances in nanoscale science demand accurate and reliable 3D characterization in real-time at the highest nanoscale resolutions. Customers can choose from our diverse range of products as AFMs are used in virtually every area of nano scientific research today,” states Keibock Lee, President and General Manager of Park Systems.

To bring out the solutions and performances based on client requirements, Santa Clara, California-based Park Systems works diligently on the initial conditions before placing the purchase orders in bulk. “We work along the same line of thought with some of the major semiconductor companies; Imec is one the largest consortium of semiconductor companies and they have been our partners for the last three years and helped us produce many good results.”

In partnership with semiconductor manufacturers, Park Systems developed the Park NX-3DM series, designed exclusively for high-resolution sidewall imaging and critical angle measurements of semiconductor wafers. Park’s wide range of AFM solutions includes proprietary software SmartScan, exclusively tailored for the automation of data acquisition and analysis, allowing even novice users to get accurate AFM results.

Park PinPoint AFM technique was designed to obtain higher spatial resolution and sensitivity over a variety of wafer samples, by developing a well defined electric contact between the tip and the surface.

Customers can tailor our diverse range of products to their distinctive needs as AFMs are highly versatile and are widely employed in the scientific research arena to develop product and efficiency

Furthermore, PinPoint allows imaging of samples with extremely narrow trenches of very high aspect ratio.

Park Systems developed the True Non- Contact AFM technology that maintains the probe sharpness, which is crucial for high resolution repeatability throughout the scans, and at the same time, preserve the sample from damage. Lee explains, “We have a superior technology and our AFMs are advanced as they are designed based on a fundamentally different architecture.”

Being a technology driven company, Park Systems is set to develop new generation technologies with AFM as a part of the whole tech solution. Today, only a fraction of the tremendous amount of data generated through each layer of wafer is being utilized. “We are developing next generation software that would use the artificial intelligence to process this huge amount of data, employing the big data technology,” concludes Lee.

Park Systems extensive product line in AFM product nanoscale metrology has resulted in continuous growth for over 25 years and significant rapid global expansion since 2015, when Park Systems issued an IPO, demonstrating their ambition to take a quantum leap forward as a premier nano-measurement company, based on their technological competitiveness and a uniquely differentiated product line. Park also offers Park AFM Scholarships, for easy access to AFM for researchers globally, hosts NanoScientific symposiums world-wide and has opened Park NanoScience Labs around the world, shared knowledge centers for nanotechnology research. In addition to Korea, there are Park NanoScience Centers at SUNY Polytech in Albany, NY, Manheim Germany at Park’s new European Headquarters, Japan, China, Singapore, India, and Mexico.

Park Systems

Santa Clara, CA

Keibock Lee, President & GM

Provides the most accurate and yet very easy to use AFMs for wafer measurements in the semiconductor industry

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