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Jeff Giovinazzo, President and CEO Leading a very successful career as a topproducing sales and sales management professional, Jeff Giovinazzo found himself in the middle of a dilemma in 2006. “Even though I was making good money back then, I was not satisfied with the returns that clients received on their investments,” says Jeff. Moreover, at that time, the role of IT professionals was transforming from domain experts to technology service providers, giving them a more strategic role in helping a company achieve its goal. Jeff wanted to create a company that’s less of a ‘vendor’ and more of a trusted advisor and delivery partner to clients. This is when he met Mary Manzo, who, in Jeff’s words, is a “dynamic business partner” who had talent creating a business from the ground up. Mary shared Jeff’s vision, and together, they laid the foundation of Pathways Consulting Group (PCG) in 2006.

Headquartered in New Jersey, PCG has become what Jeff envisioned—a trusted advisor and delivery partner to clients. By being a ServiceNow partner, PCG helps enterprises align IT with their business goals. Several enterprises across business verticals, including banking, finance, technology, and healthcare find PCG as a sought-after partner to integrate their existing applications with ServiceNow and leverage the platform in an agile fashion. As a full-service provider of ServiceNow solutions, PCG allows businesses to effectively utilize the platform, including its advanced analytics, via dashboards -- updated in real-time -- and the robust reporting suite. PCG’s other services include implementing and configuring applications to match clients’ unique processes as well as creating custom applications to suit their specific business needs.

“We Listen, We Care, We Execute”

“We listen, we care, and we execute,” says Jeff, the president and CEO at PCG. PCG embraces this principle at the core of its business model to deliver industry-best services to its clients. “We’re seeing clients expanding beyond the traditional applications in the ITSM Suite and working to fully utilize the platform for true enterprise service management,” says Jeff. To achieve this, organizations often bring in multiple partners to work on different areas of the ServiceNow platform, which hamper the workflow and create inconsistency. PCG tends to differ in this approach. The company collaborates with experts outside its area of competence to ensure that the build is consistent regardless of the application. For example, PCG has longstanding experience and significant expertise in the ServiceNow platform and ITSM. “However, that does not mean that we can have a credible conversation with the head of the global risk in a large financial services firm,” says Jeff. The company collaborates with experts in the area, conducts workshops, and gathers expert insights on process improvement strategies that are then imparted to solution architects. “Then our developers and testers build and test the solutions in the same consistent manner regardless of application,” Jeff adds. This ensures that development best practices are followed, and upgrades are low cost and seamless to deliver.

Being an Elite ServiceNow partner, PCG adopts a methodology that aligns well with ServiceNow best practices and stays as close to its baseline or what used to be called “out of the box.”

We listen, we care, and we execute. This principle at the core of our business model enables us to deliver industry-best services to our clients

Once clients integrate their standard applications with ServiceNow, PCG looks for opportunities to optimize other manual processes within the clients’ ecosystem. For example, imagine a manual form that the IT team has to submit regularly. PCG, through ServiceNow, can automate the request, retrieval, and approval of the same and integrate it into the workflow. From scheduling a conference room to booking travel and submitting the expenses, PCG can help its clients integrate many such custom applications/processes into the environment and optimize their investment in service management. This will also build momentum for adoption.

Apart from the integration services, PCG offers a wide range of services to its clients. One among them is Production Support services that help enterprises provide incremental improvements to their platform. It allows them to configure their instances to best suit their needs, create or modify their self-service page to make it easier and more familiar to navigate for end-users, and enhance the existing form, workflow, view, report, or module.

In one instance, PCG engaged with a client that wanted to solve challenges pertaining to supporting their GDPR requirements. Leveraging the client’s existing investments in ServiceNow, PCG configured a forms-based workflow that enabled the client to integrate with their existing websites to deliver on the requirements of GDPR within the timeframe and budget. PCG also allowed the client to stick to their existing request and response models. Unlike its competitors, PCG works according to the needs of its clients in terms of schedule, people, and processes.

When Services Turns into a Groundbreaking Innovation

Recently, PCG helped a client having a small support staff to investigate multiple Identity and Access Management solutions (IAM) for application audit purposes. The client was required to certify access to critical applications quarterly. These audits were turning into an unplanned disruption for the team. Leveraging the client’s existing investment in ServiceNow, PCG created an application called Certify, with minimal additional software costs, and very little training to support. The application provided the process, results, and output that two major audit firms approved as supporting evidence that their certification and recertification process was in compliance, documented and performed successfully.

Today, Certify has evolved into a powerful audit application used by several enterprises. The application is capable of leveraging the power and flexibility of the ServiceNow platform, enabling clients to recertify their business applications, data, and system resources to surpass regulatory audits with ease. Certify simplifies the gathering of audit-worthy information from multiple sources, including emails, instant messages, and application logs, which were once a time-consuming and strenuous task for enterprises.

By eliminating the errorprone and labor-intensive manual access certification, the application addresses today’s regulatory and audit requirements.

A Comprehensive Vendor-Agnostic Approach

PCG often adopts a three-phase approach in delivering its managed services—it plans the overall scope of services, discovers the requirements through an on-site inspection, and executes the services. When it comes to the requirements gathering session, PCG’s expert team spends a lot of time collaboratively and interactively to ensure that they are getting the right information from clients. PCG takes a detour from the traditional and inefficient template model of collecting data into one where they listen to clients and find ways to serve them best. Furthermore, PCG ensures role-based training for different teams, such as end-users, fulfillment teams, trainers, and executives, to help them acclimate to the change.

This methodology has helped PCG establish its reputation as a rescue partner that helps clients get their initial deployments back on track. “If you are going to change the way people work, you need to understand that change is hard for most people, and they will resist,” says Jeff. “We help enterprises create small phases with achievable goals to get started and then build momentum. Successful change is iterative with small wins along the way. We also care about sticking to the release dates and responding to client feedback quickly for enhancements, instead of worrying about requirement changes, date slips, and problematic perception. We believe in pushing for adoption, which builds momentum,” comments Jeff.

A Strong Base that Leads to a Better Future

Under the leadership of Jeff and Mary, PCG has built a peerless business culture that allows it to succeed in all aspects. Jeff leverages his experience in sales to interact with people and build a customer-first culture within the organization, leading the way for PCG to garner a broad client base. As a good judge of talent, Mary takes the role of filtering the best employees and finding employees who can create a massive impact within the ecosystem during the interaction with clients. This enables PCG to stay ahead of the pack in a vastly competitive market. The company has recently won ServiceNow’s 2019 CreatorCon Hackathon, which is a testament to its expertise and dedication to serving its clients as a part of their team.

PCG’s dedicated leadership and team jointly draw the roadmap for its future journey. The company is aiming to extend its footprint to other manufacturers in the ServiceNow ecosystem. “We’re always looking to the future. Whether it’s mobile or AI for improving the user experience or integration of process and applications for the full enterprise adoption of service management, we are always looking for new opportunities to help our clients better serve their customers,” concludes Giovinazzo.

Pathways Consulting Group

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Jeff Giovinazzo, President and CEO

Being a full-service provider of ServiceNow solutions, PCG adopts a methodology that aligns well with ServiceNow best practices and stays as close to its baseline or what used to be called “out of the box.” Once clients integrate their standard applications with ServiceNow, PCG looks for opportunities to optimize other manual processes within the clients’ ecosystem. By being a trusted ServiceNow partner, PCG helps enterprises align IT with their business goals. This joint venture to transform the role of IT professionals from domain experts to technology service providers in order to help their company achieve goals