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Oscar Limoke, CEO
Pawa IT is a Google-certified cloud solutions provider, which started in 2013 with the objective of delivering the technical capabilities and convenience of Google Cloud solutions to SMEs and educational institutions across Africa. Over time, it has assisted over 400 African businesses and educational institutions in modernizing their workspace by integrating its cost-effective cloud computing services into their business operations. They have done this successfully by putting the customer at the heart of their service delivery, while balancing the nuances specific to Africa.

At the end of the day, we’re constantly thinking ahead about potential customer issues and attempting to determine how we can use our engineering expertise and capabilities to reduce or eliminate their challenges

Pawa IT’s suite of bespoke cloud solutions has empowered clients to discover ways in which they can enhance productivity and transform their workplace into an environment where employees can co-create and share knowledge in an intuitively seamless way.

As a certified Google Cloud partner and reseller, Pawa IT delivers businesses and institutions across the African subcontinent the scalability, security, and efficiency of Google Cloud, which comprises Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Workspace, and Google Education. The user and product experience of Pawa IT’s solutions encourages African businesses to adopt contemporary cloud computing technologies to embrace its numerous advantages like increasing the effectiveness of workflows, generating the deserved ROI, and being competitively viable.

The journey to understanding every aspect of Google Cloud can be challenging and time-consuming if businesses start from scratch. Pawa IT goes beyond just providing cloud computing solutions.
Its client-centric business model serves as a one-stop service provider and offers value to its clients by providing the crucial advice and training they require to gain in-depth knowledge of the appropriate cloud computing tools. The company routinely engages with its customers directly or indirectly to ensure they know all the benefits and functionalities of the products they purchase. This technical advisory has benefitted its customers profoundly in adopting the best practices at work for maximum efficiency and navigating the cloud landscape.

“At the end of the day, we’re constantly thinking ahead about potential customer issues and attempting to determine how we can use our engineering expertise and capabilities to reduce or eliminate their challenges,” says Oscar Limoke, chief executive officer of Pawa IT.

As a value-added cloud service provider, Pawa IT ensures its customers are relieved of the burden of setting, managing, and operating Google Cloud solutions. It provides users with the convenience of local billing and the expertise to manage their organization’s software licenses. During the initial consultation with a client, Pawa IT gains insights into their requirements and provides the most suitable tailored cloud solution. Its highly accredited team of Google-certified cloud experts assist clients in solving intricate cloud-related problems and account and bill management issues. The service provider’s cloud migration and infrastructure specialization enable it to prepare and execute a complete migration plan when a customer considers migrating to the cloud. The provider also performs regular maintenance for their customers’ IT infrastructure to ensure its availability and functioning around the clock. Using PawaIT’s services, clients can delegate typical cloud-related activities to a specialist and free up their internal teams to focus on issues unique to their companies.

The scale of multi-billion dollar enterprises like Google often prevents them from serving all businesses in local markets as closely as they would like to. Pawa IT provides businesses in Africa with reliable consulting services and personal technical support to optimize their operations and translate their business goals into practical configurations, policies, and security practices.

Pawa IT

Nairobi, Nairobi Area

Oscar Limoke, CEO and Beryl Samba - COO

A full cloud solutions provider with a focus on Google Cloud Solutions: Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Google for Education, and anything in between

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