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Pawla Ghaleb, President & CEO
‘An ideal architectural approach sculpts a good business entity.’ Enterprise Architecture (EA) enables companies to achieve better business performance by identifying best-of-breed strategies associated with operations, technology, partnerships, infrastructure as well as hiring and training. Witnessing the disappointments faced by organizations by old-school approaches pertaining to EA, Pawla Ghaleb and Vanessa Soon, who today hold the roles of CEO and CTO of PBG Consulting respectively, was determined to innovate the way organizations solved their core business-level issues.

PBG is a leading women-owned small business and delivers a broad spectrum of program management, operations, and IT solutions to federal, state, local, commercial, and non-profit organizations. “We provide high-quality results-driven services for enterprises to attain practical solutions for managing complex issues with our experience and knowledge in the federal mandates and guidelines, and industry best practices,” says Vanessa.

Legacy architecture systems can cripple workflows and drastically redirect investments towards their maintenance. Spinning around the constant demands of their customers, several service providers are not capable enough to help them undergo a successful transition from legacy systems to newer ones. Additionally, the tendency of organizations to modernize their systems with disorganized EA methods adds to operational complexities.

Identifying the needs for cost-effective EA implementation, PBG is capable of eliminating these setbacks faced by organizations that are bound by legacy infrastructures. The company’s services— Project Management Office (PMO), IT Portfolio Management (PfM), and Systems Integration—enable its clients to stay on track and attain their business goals, and optimize investments by helping them to establish consistent processes that align with their business strategies. PBG supports its customers in, re-engineering, and modernizing their business operations as well as transforming and modernizing their technology platforms.

PBG’s agile and nimble engagement model differentiates the company from its competitors. The firm strives to better understanding its clients’ pain points and requirements prior to implementing tailored solutions that align well with their dynamic needs.

We provide high-quality results-driven services for enterprises to attain practical solutions for managing complex issues with our experience and knowledge in the federal mandates and guidelines, and industry best practices

“We develop a roadmap with a base-level approach which is feasible, comprehensive, and scalable,” says Pawla. Mentioning about another crucial differentiator of PBG’s service delivery model, Vanessa says, “We are attentive in deploying portfolio manager and project/program managers who have domain expertise and knowledge.”

Results-driven service portfolio and customer retention capability enable PBG to assist numerous organizations in outlining and implementing sophisticated business models. In one such instance, for a client who approached the company, PBG helped them to modernize their legacy business applications without making any significant changes in its core operations by offering the right architecture and support. The company’s team with deep expertise in federal mandates and regulations such as Clinger-Cohen act provided an integrated service portfolio and enabled the client to come up with a model that eliminates all challenges associated with old school methods.

With several such customer success stories, and well-established solutions and services delivery strategy, PBG continues to gain appreciation from various organizations. The company, by leveraging its longstanding experience in the EA space, is trying to gain momentum and planning to adopt a remarkable change in its approach for developing value-bound service portfolio for its clients. With a core focus in maintaining operational integrity and culture and systematic training of its human resource, PBG is also well positioned and looking to diversify its client base. “We are also trying to engage with different agencies based on capabilities we provide, and the needs of those agencies,” concludes Pawla.

PBG Consulting

McLean, VA

Pawla Ghaleb, President & CEO and Vanessa Soon, CTO

Delivers a broad spectrum of EA centric program management, operations, and IT services to federal, state, local, commercial, and non-profit organizations