Peppermint Technology: Reinventing Customer Experience in Legal Services

Arlene Adams, CEO
The Legal Services Act 2007 positioned consumer interest at the core of the legal services market by authorizing alternative business structures that enabled non-lawyers to invest, share profits, and manage law firms. With the change in the wings, while law companies wanted to reinvent themselves into client-centric organizations, the legal solutions market was replete with obsolete technology solutions built decades ago. Striking while the iron was hot, Peppermint Technology was founded with a vision to redefine customer experience for legal service providers. The company’s cloud-based platform, Peppermint CX is a new generation solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that removes the complexity of legacy software.

“Our solution is unique because it is a highly secure, private cloud that offers a range of software applications such as practice management, case management, CRM, risk management, and business intelligence,” says Arlene Adams, CEO, Peppermint Technology. While most legal firms today have several disparate systems that project multiple versions of the truth, the Peppermint platform offers a single view of all client data. Every application in the CX Platform is connected to one database which eliminates the need for complex integrations. With Peppermint CX, organizations have a holistic insight into a client’s processes that facilitate capital growth through cross-selling and upselling. For utmost client benefit, the platform also comprises a suite of collaboration and content enablement tools that allow firms to provide interactive services to customers and partners through online portals.

“In a technology-oriented world, spurred by modern customer engagement techniques and the promise of artificial intelligence, our aim is to future-proof businesses by combining Peppermint's expertise with world-class Microsoft technology,” remarks Arlene. In a short span of time, Peppermint has bagged one of the top spots in the run for the fastest-growing technology companies and is also the first legal software provider to be awarded the Microsoft Gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Partner status.

Our aim is to future-proof businesses by combining Peppermint's expertise with world-class Microsoft technology

Since Peppermint's solution is built on an open framework of Microsoft CRM platform, anyone involved in the Peppermint community can use the open framework to write applications and share it on Peppermint CX. Moreover, as part of the Microsoft Dynamics Community, Peppermint’s clients also have access to technology from a global ecosystem of Microsoft Dynamics partners that enable customers to plug and play different applications according to their needs.

Peppermint's strategic value was brought to light when Gosschalks, a leading licensing practice in the UK was able to process hundreds of applications under a back-breaking deadline with the Peppermint platform. With very little time on hand to prepare and submit 420 license applications, Gosschalks built a solution within the Peppermint platform to automate, track, and report on every stage of the license variation process. The client used a workflow process to create a checklist that tracked each application through every key stage in production. For end-to-end visibility, Gosschalks also had real-time access to progress, delivered through a custom-built dashboard. With a template developer in the platform, custom templates of letters and forms were automated and populated directly from the Peppermint database. Because of Peppermint's revolutionary technology, the entire process was completed in record time.

“We back one of the most reliable and future-proof platforms in the industry. Going forward we want to deliver software that helps our clients elevate their client engagement through our state-of-the-art platform,” ends Arlene.

Peppermint Technology

Nottingham, England

Arlene Adams, CEO

Provides cloud solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM specifically tailored for the legal services arena

Peppermint Technology