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Mark Lacerte, President
Over the past decade, many healthcare segments in the market have automated and digitized. However, the wound care space has lagged from a technology standpoint as a lot of systems and processes are still manual. Advanced imaging has dramatically transformed radiology and other clinical disciplines, whereas wound management still relies on analog measurements and manual charting. There are no standards of tools for wound measurements, and it leads to much subjectivity in the process as numerous clinicians treat the patients during the wound healing process. This fragmentation in the clinical workflow and the lack of consistency in the processes lead to high variability in the patients’ management.

From a facility standpoint, revenue is getting impacted, and the lack of standard electronic documentation affects the chances of proper reimbursement opportunities. Moreover, most facilities get audited through state or federal agencies, and without proper paperwork, they can lose accreditation or are confronted by lawsuits or litigation. “Our WoundZoom digital wound management system focuses on bringing modern clinical rigor to wound care with a structured and managed documentation process,” begins Mark Lacerte, President of Perceptive Solutions. The company modernizes wound care practice with technology-enabled systems designed to increase clinical efficiency, improve care quality, and mitigate risk.

The company’s all-in-one digital wound care management system, WoundZoom standardizes workflows it focuses on by reducing the irregularities and ultimately facilitates wound healing progress by focusing on four core areas. “Our product consists of four core features: WoundZoom Wound Centric EMR, clinical workflow tools, AI driven 3D imaging with automated measurement, reporting and analytics which focus on driving quality patient outcomes and enhancing clinical productivity,” adds Lacerte. The WoundZoom EMR automates the clinical workflow and increases staff productivity while ensuring automated, streamlined, accurate documentation for reimbursement. It drives improvement in patient outcomes with centralized reporting, clinical dashboards, and analytics to assure adherence to facility care protocols. It also enables efficient care management in resource optimization with performance dashboards, clinical analytics, and reporting available to clinicians online and offline. “With our application you have the ability to work offline in case of no connectivity and sync up when you have a connection,” adds Lacerte.

Unlike other EMR systems that track only the basic demographics of a patient, WoundZoom provides clear metrics on census, hard to treat wounds, and it gives the clinicians the right patient data at their fingertips.

Our WoundZoom digital wound management system focuses on bringing modern clinical rigor to wound care with a structured and managed documentation process

The clinical workflow tools focus on enhanced clinical productivity and reducing the variability with efficient, automated 3D imaging and complete documentation at the point of care. This eliminates errors and duplicate workflows. WoundZoom Imaging Hardware has advanced non-contact 3D imaging, which gives precise measurements and characterizes the wound’s tissue composition. It leverages AI in the measurement process, which helps clinicians plot the course of care.

At Perceptive Solutions, a seamless and intuitive user experience is at the core of their approach to design. To improve workflow efficiency and deliver quality care, the integrated solutions are thoughtfully devised, expertly engineered and intelligently connected to create a reliable and intuitive experience for all clinicians interact with the platform. Further, the firm’s diverse leadership team from different disciplines has enabled them to approach wound care from a patient and clinician viewpoint instead of just a technology standpoint.

After a successful year of growth in 2020, Perceptive Solutions is currently focused on providing disruptive digital innovation in wound care and other healthcare segments. “We are seeing the continued paradigm shift in virtual care from the traditional office-based model and our business is well positioned to capitalize on the continued digital trends which have been accelerated through COVID,” adds Lacerte. Advanced digital technologies are impacting the flow of patient care from the inpatient to outpatient settings including home care. The expediential growth of telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and the expansion of 5G will transform the way wound care is delivered and play a pivotal role with driving increased access to digital wound care in more rural areas. “Our business has a solid R&D pipeline, and we are looking ahead to align to these trends,” concludes Lacerte.

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Perceptive Solutions Launches WoundZoom® Clinical Wound Dashboard

The Clinical Wound Dashboard provides real-time patient population analytics and trending to help elevate the delivery of wound care for their patients.

Perceptive Solutions, Inc., maker of WoundZoom Wound Centric EMR and three-dimensional (3D) imaging hardware solutions, today announced the release of its real-time patient population Clinical Wound Dashboard. The interactive dashboard provides an intuitive cockpit view with wound and patient data sets to drive more informed wound care decision making.

“The ability to have a snapshot of an organization’s entire wound care patient population helps administration and clinicians identify trends across the population and take appropriate actions to help deliver better wound care for their patients,” said Mark Lacerte, President of Perceptive Solutions. “Furthermore, our Clinical Wound Dashboard is available 24/7 in real-time with drill-down capabilities and easy data export features.”

The WoundZoom Clinical Wound Dashboard delivers actionable insight to help:

● Identify treatment protocols that are driving better results for a particular wound type or location

● Shift care plans and staff allocation based on patient and wound census data

● Decrease variability across care protocols or caregiver to drive more efficient and effective wound encounters

“We listened to our customers and what they want to see in their reporting, and we are proud to release this intuitive and insightful dashboard to support our customers as they care for their patients,” said Mark. The Wound Dashboard now comes standard with the WoundZoom software platform.

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Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Mark Lacerte, President

Perceptive Solutions has developed an AI driven 3D imaging and an electronic medical record platform designed to enhance clinical productivity and drive increased patient outcomes. The company’s digital wound management solution consists of a wound centric EMR, 3D non-contact imaging providing automated wound measurement, clinical documentation tools and reporting, enabling healthcare providers to manage patients more effectively through the wound healing process

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