Perfect Sense: Empowering Digital Experiences

David Gang, Co-Founder & CEO
Back in 2016, in the quest to streamline their business, a multinational mass-media corporation decided to launch a combined digital experience for two of its most acclaimed brands. Assisting them in their transformation was the digital experience platform pioneer, Perfect Sense. The firm assisted Time Inc. in launching its new digital experience—an over-the-top video service—that runs on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many other streaming devices. Launched with 14 original shows and over 300 hours of new programming, the People/Entertainment Weekly Network is now considered a next-generation video viewing experience.

Perfect Sense’s list of prestigious customers doesn’t end here. Over the years, the company has helped Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, Univision and U.S. News, among many other distinguished companies. The firm empowers companies to create and deploy the digital experiences their customers expect, personalized and delivered on any device, through their digital experience platform. Brightspot—a powerful, flexible, fast-to-deploy, and enterprise-class content publishing platform—enables digital innovation in a truly agile way by positioning an organization’s digital experiences at the heart of their customer’s journey.

Digital transformation enables the ability to respond quickly to dynamic customer demands, industry regulations, competitive pressures, or internal business processes. Most often, digital transformation is focused on the need to continuously innovate in order to meet and exceed customer expectations and maintain a competitive advantage. With the ability to organize and access actionable information on an organization’s customers and content, Brightspot helps customers to deliver their content to the right person on the right device, and at the right time. The platform integrates with all existing systems and adapts according to customer needs. “Brightspot integrates with all of your existing systems and data sources. We have ready-to-go enterprise integrations that cover all key players in social media, video, analytics, and CRM, to other digital experience solutions and template engines,” adds David Gang, Co-founder and CEO, Perfect Sense.

Brightspot has ready-to-go enterprise integrations that cover all key players in social media, video, analytics, and CRM

Brightspot has been architected to accelerate business results for all stakeholders, whether product owners, developers, editors, or designers as it can be customized to work the way their business operates. The platform features robust workflows that automate common tasks and provides a truly unified solution for building, deploying, and managing the digital experiences. In an instance, Perfect Sense assisted Walmart in the development of a unified platform to share compelling brand stories with its global audience. “By using Brightspot, Walmart was able to reduce its content publishing time to a matter of minutes from more than 24 hours,” states Gang. Furthermore, Brightspot is highly interoperable which allows customers to “extend and embrace” their existing technologies.

Gang mentions that the Perfect Sense business was built with the primary goal of helping customers deliver their content to the right person, on the right device, and at the right time. The company is focused on dramatically changing Brightspot to meet the ever-changing needs of all their customers and end users. As the market continues to create new ways of delivering digital experiences on new devices, Brightspot’s next version will continue to stand out as the best vehicle to publish engaging content on any connected platform. “Our company is focused on delivering the right experience to companies worldwide, their end users and providing the managed services that allow us the honor to partner with our great customers,” concludes Gang.

Perfect Sense

Reston, VA

David Gang, Co-Founder & CEO

Perfect Sense is a full-service product company that capitalizes on its enterprise digital experience platform, Brightspot to enable companies worldwide with the ability to digitally transform their business

Perfect Sense