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Asanka Kamburugamuwe, Managing Director
The on-going COVID-19 Pandemic has posed a serious threat to businesses worldwide, with lockdowns and new social distancing recommendations, forcing companies to implement a remote work model. What seemed to be an experiment or an appealing benefit for a vast majority of employees a few months ago now appears to be nothing but daily life. That being said, the rapid adoption of the right technologies is critical for businesses to manage operations effectively, react to issues reported in a timely fashion, and successfully prioritize actions based on real data. With a majority of employees working from home, and lack of personal contact between employees, enterprises are significantly investing their resources in new technologies to enhance business processes and yield optimum efficiency, during this unusual period. However, companies are more likely to end up with a set of tools rather
than a robust, cohesive digital solution. "As a project manager dealing with multiple projects, systems, and employees—one lacks the clear visibility when it comes to allocating resources into different tasks, under crunching dead-lines," cites Asanka Kamburugamuwe, Managing Director of Perituza Software Solutions.

Headquartered in League City, TX, Perituza Software Solutions, a leading custom software developer provides endto- end software development services for companies ranging from startups to established multi-national corporations. The company's digital transformation initiative empowers clients with a centralized digital workplace, automated workflows, and real-time dashboards by using SharePoint, Power BI, Power Apps, and Office 365. "We want to help our customers streamline business operations by integrating siloed systems with the existing Microsoft Office 365 technology stack," explains Kamburugamuwe. From consultation, cloud migration to integration, and implementation, Perituza Software Solutions is a one-stop-shop for enterprises in Microsoft solutions space. The firm's customized solutions render a seamlessly integrated digital experience for internal employees and external entities such as customers and vendors.

Perituza Software Solutions Microsoft technology experts work collaboratively with clients to conduct business process assessment and identify their unique needs and design a solution architecture that will ensure ROI. The company also leverages Microsoft Power BI to provide companies actionable insights into their business performance and enables them to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Also, Perituza offers customers to integrate custom applications to their existing Microsoft Active Directory Users. By integrating Microsoft Azure Identity Service with client’s custom developed applications, the Perituza has enabled users to utilize multi-factor authentication out of the box. "We were able to bring cloud capabilities to pre-existing applications, to make our clients’ more productive, and more secure," says Kamburugamuwe.

We want to help our customers streamline business operations by integrating siloed systems with the existing Microsoft and Office 365 technology stack

The firm's solutions can be accessible across all device platforms such as PCs, smartphones, tablets to achieve higher user adoption and richer user experience with top-of-theline security—boosting their on-field operations and enhancing business communication processes extensively at every level of
the organization.

Perituza Software Solutions team of experts utilizes the best practices in the industry and validates its solution's credibility by providing its clients with proof-of-concept before commencing with the actual development and extends comprehensive postdeployment support. To illustrate the efficacy of Perituza Software Solutions, Kamburugamuwe cites a case-study. The client was facing a daunting task of migrating, a custombuilt web-based application with a custom user management system, and thousands of project documents from their internal file server to the cloud. Experts at Perituza utilized Microsoft Azure FileStorage integrated with Azure File Sync Service to help the client solve the conundrum. By installing Azure File Sync on the customer's internal file server, project-related
files were automatically synced to Azure FileStorage—which was integrated with the custom application through APIs. Furthermore, the company was incorporated the client's webbased application with Microsoft Azure Identity Management Service, enabling them to utilize client’s existing Office 365 credentials to log in to the custom web-based application. Post collaboration with Perituza Software Solutions, the client can access the large files online from any device in a secure manner.

The black swan event that COVID-19 pandemic can become a catalyst for disruptive changes. "In a few years, almost all the web applications will have multi-factor authentication," adds Kamburugamuwe. With data security gaining more significance as an increasing number of employees start to work remotely— a huge demand is expected for Azure Identity Management Service, because of its sophisticated out-of-thebox authentication for existing Active Directory users and integration capabilities. Furthermore, with expertise in building, deploying, and supporting Dynamics 365 solutions, Perituza Software Solutions aims to bring more visibility over the sales process, improved client satisfaction, and higher productivity across sales teams. To meet these demands, the firm offers its expertise through an ad-hoc basis consultationas well as projectbased delivery.

Perituza Software Solutions

League City, TX

Asanka Kamburugamuwe, Managing Director

Identifying the growing demand for technical talent in Ireland and UK markets, in 2014, AsankaKamburugamuwe founded Perituza Software Solutions in Ireland to provide cutting edge Microsoft solutions. Empowered with the technical expertise and longstanding experience of Kamburugamuwe the company provides end-to-end development services and resources for companies ranging from start-ups to leading technology companies here in the Houston area. The firm’s digital transformation initiative empowers its clients with a centralized digital workplace, automated workflows, and real-time dashboards by using SharePoint, Power Apps, and Office 365

Perituza Software Solutions