Personify: Maximizing Constituent Engagement through the Cloud

Eric Thurston, President & CEO
For Eric Thurston, the top item on his to-do list after he joined Personify as its CEO was to normalize technology for non-profit organizations. Add to that vision, an “ongoing commitment to product modernization,” and the result is Personify, an Austin-based firm that has emerged the market leader for constituent-focused organizations. In the likes of associations, non-profit organizations, and YMCAs, several member-focused companies today are reaping the manifold benefits of technology, such as state-of-the-art constituent management and engagement platforms. “Over 70 million records are managed in Personify systems nationwide, which accounts for about 25 percent of the U.S. population,” says Thurston. He attributes the company’s success to “all of Personify’s employees, partners, and clients who helped carve our success. The recognition truly lies with them.”

Personify offers a flexible, scalable, and secure solution—the Personify360 platform—that helps constituent-focused organizations enhance engagement, productivity, loyalty, and revenue. Underpinning the promise of interoperability and scalability is Personify’s product innovation strategy that has extended the Personify360 platform into the cloud and next-generation handheld devices.

With the help of Personify CLOUD, the hosting offering, enterprises can host their constituent management software on the cloud with the highest security standards, giving customers peace of mind. A large number of organizations around the world rely on Personify CLOUD to enable compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, including PCI-DSS 3.0, PA-DSS, SSAE16, and ISO 27001.

Powering the cloud version, Personify360 is the most modern and interoperable platform of its kind, which includes the benefits of understanding, engaging, managing, and monetizing the interactions between organizations and the constituents they serve. Equipped with capabilities like CRM, eBusiness, and analytics, the platform captures and provides insight across all member interactions, enabling them to maximize engagement and drive revenue.
With the help of Personify360, customers can access their constituent data, purchase products, renew memberships, register for meetings, and download the content. Apart from that, “Personify360 can easily integrate with third-party applications including Outlook, Salesforce, learning management systems, email marketing platforms, and event management tools,” says Thurston.

Personify has recently launched its next-generation browser interface— PersonifyGO, which is built on a Web 3.0 architectural foundation. “PersonifyGO is a modern, flexible, and intuitive browser interface that is designed in the simplest form keeping ease-of-use and onboarding in mind, so that the organization’s staff can do their jobs better and faster,” explains Thurston.

Personify has demonstrated success in assisting clients with increasing revenue, making better decisions, and optimizing customer experience. For instance, one of Personify’s clients, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) was looking for a solution to improve the online user experience for their members and reduce total cost of ownership. By leveraging Personify360, PMMI was able to incorporate new responsive controls in a strategic web redesign project, thereby improving the member directory experience. The Personify platform easily replaced previous customizations with just its base functionalities and reduced the annual maintenance cost by $20,000.

Personify’s Chief Technology Officer, Dave Cooper says that for the road ahead, they are poised to continue focusing on providing cutting-edge solutions to constituent-focused organizations, and the cloud is a big part of that strategy. “Our product and technical teams have done a great work to make Personify’s products the best cloud-based solutions for the market,” states Cooper. Above all, it is the company’s focus on innovating new products and partnering with clients for their success that has earned them a 95 percent client retention rate and lead to sales growth in 2016 of nearly 100 percent. “I look forward to driving further operational and strategic value for our customers and partners,” concludes Thurston.


Austin, TX

Eric Thurston, President & CEO and Michael Wilson, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Dave Cooper, CTO

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