Phronetik: Transforming Healthcare with Data Science

Tania Martin-Mercado, President & CEO
For pharma and life sciences companies, clinical trials are pivotal in bringing their drugs to market. These intricate trials begin with monitoring a population before, during and after drug administration. However, for a successful trial, the researchers need to raise questions to dig deeper into trial outcomes but are only limited by the power of the data analytics systems. Enter into the picture, Phronetik enabling drug makers to frame not only the right questions, but also tap the complete potential of trial and health data for relevant answers. Phronetik’s informatics underpins point-of-care, research, clinical trials and drug development, and leads to advances in scientific discovery. The firm redefines medical decisions and helps pharma companies to make their drug a success story.

Phronetik delivers clinical research informatics services with a focus on advancing medicine. The company applies its deep know-how in data analytics and morphs the process of clinical trials into insight gathering. Phronetik’s team comprises MDs and Informatics subject matter experts (SMEs) that have data and hands on experience in performing clinical trials. These factors help reduce the time to conduct clinical trials. By accelerating clinical trials, the company improves time to market. The firm’s holistic approach helps in streamlining research workflows and knowledge management.

Federal, state, and local healthcare agencies launch initiatives to prevent large scale outbreaks and respond to them when they do occur. Phronetik shows them a guiding light with its public health informatics services and helps in the data analysis to support outbreak prevention. Using Phronetik’s public health informatics, health agencies can understand demographics by capturing data points like key constituents of the population, the highest risk associated with a population group, health disparities across a demographic, and resources available to support the population. The company helps in data capture and and information exchange. “Phronetik provides data in real-time to cause a change in decision making or behavior, in order to have an outcome that matters,” says Tania Martin-Mercado, President and CEO, Phronetik.

Phronetik provides data in real-time to cause a change in decision making or behavior, in order to have an outcome that matters

Granular thinking carves the services of Phronetik and this is evident in its service: Applied Clinical Informatics. Phronetik eliminates complexities that arise due to siloed information and multiple health records for one individual, thereby enhancing healthcare delivery. The company simplifies the healthcare practitioner’s job by presenting a unified view of patient. To further help their patient base, clients can create a dedicated application in collaboration with Phronetik.

Phronetik has become an integral part in a research project for National Institute of Nursing Research. With its biostatistics and bioinformatics support, Phronetik has performed statistical analysis, predictive modeling and created machine learning algorithms in support of research involving the human microbiome, genetic and patient behavioral profile. Phronetik’s data analysis has played a crucial role in ensuring the research integrity of the project.

The leadership of Phronetik is keen to showcase its cutting-edge product iConcordia™, a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform for research and real-time clinical insights. Tania’s desire to transform healthcare drives the company and allows onboarding of passionate researchers. Phronetik’s roster is shaped by collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. The company looks forward to working further with the National Institutes of Health, and seeks to add clients in other government domains and commercial healthcare providers in order to revolutionize patient care with its solutions.


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Tania Martin-Mercado, President & CEO

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