Pipefy: An Ideal Catalyst for Lean Transformation

Alessio Alionco, CEO
The efficiency of workflow management practices is determined by the level of optimization associated with everyday enterprise processes or operations. However, workflow management practices have followed a top-down approach that seldom enables customers to take on lean transformation initiatives that produce better results within organizations. “CIOs of the current day and age need to empower their internal customers to implement lean management, in order to be more efficient at what they do. And, we excel at doing just that,” begins Alessio Alionco, CEO of Pipefy.

The company enables CIOs of organizations to unlock workflow automation strategies by delivering a Lean Management Platform that enables internal customers to gain greater visibility into various IT operations. Pipefy’s platform addresses the setbacks of the workflows driven by conventional top-down approach that require log planning cycles, significant amount of investments, and complex configuration prerequisites. The company adopts the principle of “lean consumerization,” wherein, it assists managers who aspire to adopt lean methodologies to improve organizational processes. “While most of the prominent IT operations within an organization are automated, industry leaders struggle to apply the same ideology to the rest of their business processes. We call these the “long-tail processes,” as they create substantial value for businesses when automated,” explains Alionco.

Pipefy enables a manager—any individual responsible for the orchestration of a process—to take control of manual-bound routine tasks that rely on paper documentation. The company calls it a ‘process flow’ or a ‘Pipe’ that brings visibility and continuous improvements to such redundancies with the utilization of its Lean Management Platform. Pipefy achieves workflow automation in three steps: To start with, a manager designs and optimizes business processes, tracks improvements, and realizes the developments over time. This is followed by capturing and organizing information through forms, either at the start of a process or through the different stages that follow subsequently. Such an approach ensures the centralization of activities and relevant information sets in a manner that it is accessible to the people participating in the workflow.

CIOs need to empower their internal customers to implement lean management, so they can bring order to their processes, with increased visibility and efficiency

Ultimately, employees are privileged with the power of automating such processes in a streamlined way by integrating potential third-party applications that are part of the workflow.

A methodical approach such as this was implemented for Accenture, wherein, Pipefy helped in real-estate property regulation processes. The results of the partnership were indeed noteworthy. The collaboration with Pipefy provided complete transparency of operations and allowed Accenture to control their processes with advanced service level agreements (SLAs). Accenture currently manages nearly 2500 distinct real-estate processes and communications with other companies that support such operations. Similarly, Pipefy partnered with Wipro to optimize customer processes that impart agility with fast and accurate results. These collaborations were aimed at empowering the industry leaders to streamline their businesses without overloading their IT infrastructure. “We make deployment and modeling concise and bring value to the business units in a short span of time. While there are many instances that require the support of a technology consultant for a myriad of processes, in most cases, they are modeled, deployed, tracked, and optimized by the managers themselves. We catalyze such developments through our Lean Management Platform,” explains Alionco.

Pipefy has nurtured a clientele across 150 countries, climbing the ladder of growth as it supports organizations in becoming leaner, cleaner, and agile. It destroys myths that overestimate the expenses and complexities of lean management by helping clients get started on their journey toward a true lean transformation.


San Francisco, CA

Alessio Alionco, CEO

Pipefy, the Lean Management Platform, empowers managers to take control of their processes and improve productivity and efficiency