Pitcher: Sales Technology for Sales People

Mert Yentur, CEO
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Switzerland, Pitcher has already made a mark for itself as a leader in the sales technology landscape. “We are purely focused on sales technology, sales teams, and what they do with that technology to amplify conversions,” says Mert Yentur, CEO of Pitcher. In a nutshell, the Pitcher Sales Platform is a sales software solution that facilitates communications with leads and customers. “That is how we have differentiated ourselves from our competition—by focusing on empowering field and marketing teams to better engage with prospects and customers,” Yentur adds. Today they have customers in over 130 countries, and in 2016 alone, Pitcher has acquired more new customers than in the previous four years combined.

The team at Pitcher sees the challenges in the sales technology space as opportunities. Yentur explains, “With the burgeoning adoption of iPads and tablet devices, companies need a solution that utilizes this technology while allowing their sales teams to become more productive and efficient.”

Many sales teams work with multiple record-keeping systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for organizing customer records and Enterprise Retail Planning (ERP) for automating transactions, to name a few. Pitcher understands that it is more efficient for a sales representative to have one app that manages these multiple systems instead of having to open a new system every time a different task is performed. With its open architecture, the Pitcher Sales Platform encompasses mobile productivity applications that aggregate data, codify business workflows, enable communication, and deliver, regardless of whether a sales representative is in the office or the field. Pitcher provides representatives with one application branded with their company logo and step-by-step guides that take them through the tasks of their entire day.

A day in the life of a sales representative changes from customer to customer, based on the vertical.

Our commitment to the future of Pitcher is our commitment to the future of our clients

Pitcher offers a configuration interface where their clients can define the needs within their organization. Different teams such as sales, merchandisers, marketers, and service professionals have different requirements necessary to complete their daily tasks. Depending on the client, these needs may vary across countries or divisions within an organization. The complete customization provided by Pitcher promotes efficiency and effectiveness for the end user.

The ability of Pitcher to address different needs and challenges of configuring and streamlining the work process is evident in their client success stories. For example, Pitcher has been working with Shell, the multinational gasoline and energy company, to provide a singular distributor management system for them. Relying on distributors instead of an internal sales force, Shell needed to ensure that customers were receiving a unified message explaining their products and benefits as compared to their competitors. At the same time, they needed to track the distributors’ activities with each customer. Pitcher provided this with a solution designed to connect multiple CRM and ERP systems that could collect orders and manage sales activities.

Pitcher is currently working on new offerings for inside sales representatives who engage in cold-calling or interact remotely with prospects. Their future plans are focused on improving the capabilities of their mobile sales enablement tools. Yentur states, “As products and industries become more complex, companies will need to ensure that their sales forces are well educated and equipped with the necessary tools to explain their benefits. Our commitment to the future of Pitcher is our commitment to the future of our clients.


White Plains, NY

Mert Yentur, CEO

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