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Dustin Adkison, Managing Partner
In the race for competitive advantage in their respective industries, organizations have long pursued data analytics, and the insights gleaned for it, for that edge. However, with rapidly evolving business analytics user communities and an explosion of potential analytics tools, that endeavor has never been more complicated and fragmented than today. Organizations are pressurized to find the right analytics tools that accelerate their different business processes, offer the best results, and help them in making the right decisions. For an organization to maximize the ROI of their analytics implementation, they need to ensure improved analytics adoption and resonance by providing the right data to the right people at the right time. This is where partnering with a trusted enterprise like PMsquare makes a difference.

PMsquare, with its team of analytics experts, offers myriad solutions and services that help organizations maximize the value of their data, boost their analytics adoption, and make better business decisions. The company offers a proprietary cloud application, PMsquare Thrive, which analyzes analytics tool usage patterns to identify adoption issues across their various analytics tools. This allows PMsquare to proactively intervene when success KPIs are not being met according to the client’s goals. “Our comprehensive solution measures how an organization engages with reports, dashboards, scorecards, and self-service analytics tools,” explains Dustin Adkison, managing partner of PMsquare.

After understanding an organization’s business requirements and the challenges in its analytics environment, PMsquare documents the issues and works collaboratively with them to boost their analytics adoption. By analyzing the various factors in analytics adoption, PMsquare diagnoses the difficulties in BI adoption and strategically redirects the company’s resources to accelerate the process. “Unlike the standard procedure followed in our industry, PMsquare’s implementation methodology follows a persona-based approach where our solution is designed for identified user communities and their unique needs,” says Chris Loechel, VP, Marketing of PMsquare.
By conducting multiple interviews with the client, the company does an in-depth analysis to truly understand their unique user personas among their analytics user communities. PMsquare then accordingly designs the recommended implementation to meet the needs of each persona with the tools that best deliver to their specific use cases. During the implementation process, PMsquare reaffirms the accuracy of its deductions from client interactions and conducts checks using its proprietary software and methodology.

From ensuring that users have an optimal experience with the tool, to optimizing the performance, the company helps to reimagine an organization’s end-to-end data strategy. PMsquare overcomes the controllable obstacles to help organizations achieve their vision of making well-informed decisions from a data-driven perspective that positively impacts the business.

Adding a feather to PMsquare’s cap is its recognition as one of IBM’s core partners in the data science and artificial intelligence space. “Due to our exceptional partnership with IBM, we have been called in to offer support in sales, presales, and implementation to their various customers and they deliver their world-class enterprise software, based on which we offer our consulting services,” remarks Loechel.

PMsquare is continuously evolving in order to keep up with the latest analytics technology and trends in order to serve its clients better. With the progressing trend of organizations shifting toward the cloud, PMsquare intends to position itself as a cloud-first company and consistently work toward this goal. Furthermore, in the wake of the growing challenges in the data integration landscape, the company is forging strong partnerships with leaders in the space to develop a tech stack that can support a 21st-century data and analytics strategy. “Our main focus will be on meeting and supporting our client’s goals rather than merely offering specific solutions with an IBM stack,” concludes Adkison.


Oak Brook, IL

Dustin Adkison, Managing Partner

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