Point B: Comprehensive Business Solutions for Complex Changes

Zameer Baber, Solutions Director and Brian Turner, President & CEO
Point B is a global business consulting company that helps organizations thrive in the face of the most complex business challenges by providing expertly curated, industry-leading digital experiences. Their expertise allows organizations to harmonize marketing, supply chain, and finance operations through data interoperability across multiple functions, processes, and systems. Point B operates across a wide range of industry verticals, including healthcare, financial services, and consumer and retail, using digital experience as a lever, particularly during rapid market changes like COVID-19 or the impending recession.

“We invest time in creating frictionless digital experiences for both customers and employees,” says Zameer Baber, Chicago-based solutions director at Point B.

They assist clients in understanding nuanced customer behavior, particularly in a digital environment. While businesses have traditionally divided customer contacts among marketing, sales, and service teams, customers now have higher expectations. They want consistent, tailored experiences throughout the engagement lifecycle, regardless of where the interaction occurs. Point B helps organizations make use of fundamental technological developments to satisfy shifting customer demands. The business’s strategy fills in the gaps while establishing a link, using digitization to generate continuous revenue while lowering customer acquisition and retention costs.

Point B uses three approaches to aid client retention and revenue generation processes. The first strategy is to deploy customer-facing technologies, which focus on customer acquisition and experience to overcome organizational difficulties. The second strategy is using internal technology-based services, including enterprise applications, cloud footprint, and master data, to create incremental insights that can support customers. As customer-facing technology is always changing and should restructure internal technology on a routine basis, the third approach provides customers with business solutions that are customized particularly to their challenges.
The first step Point B takes to arrive at business solutions is establishing a comprehensive digital strategy. This strategy seeks to identify how customer-facing or internal technologies might aid in changing revenue and lowering costs. Helping customers understand new technologies and developing AI-based internal insights are also major elements of the digital strategy. They also provide value-added services like journey mapping, wireframe development, and project management. With a customer-focused approach, Point B solves the issues that arise due to the need for a client’s detailed information, particularly after the pandemic.

One of Point B’s success stories involves a client with aggressive growth plans who was using outdated digital experience-based technologies. Point B identified that the client’s systems were incompatible with their growth strategies and helped them recognize revenue leakage as a factor in improving marketing strategies and customer service.

We invest time creating frictionless digital experiences for customers and employees

Another Point B customer relied on off-shore vendors for highly regulated communications services, an arrangement that hampered their sales growth and cost-effectiveness. Point B created an enhancement plan for the customer’s sales and marketing functions, allowing them to invest in a more cost-effective and flexible digital communications channel.

Point B ensures the assistance they provide to clients is at parity with the standpoint of its employees, creating an employee-customer connection. This customer-focused approach has allowed Point B to establish a global reputation and achieve one of the highest net promoter scores (NPS) among its competitors.

Point B

Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Zameer Baber, Solutions Director and Brian Turner, President & CEO

Point B is a global consulting firm solving the world’s most complex business challenges through leading industry expertise and capabilities. Their groundbreaking solutions are steeped in technology and help organizations realize their vision during times of dramatic change

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