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Billie Anne Schoppman, Chief Mission Officer
Healthcare quality management and performance improvement have profound impacts on both the effectiveness of treatments and patient satisfaction. With today’s rising health care costs, quality management is paramount to healthcare economics in multiple ways. Typically, in healthcare organizations, quality management, safety event reporting, and performance improvement teams function disparately. There is a need for a system that can help teams work collaboratively and efficiently, and translate all data collected into an effective improvement action plan without the hassle of disorganized gathering of information. Prista Corporation aims to meet that need by providing a reliable and easy-to-use system that integrates patient care quality, event reporting, and performance improvement, yielding real-time insights and serving the entire organization from healthcare executives to clinical staff.

“Our innovation and commitment to increasing patient care quality is fostering a new “Culture of Quality” within the healthcare industry,” says Billie Anne Schoppman, Chief Mission Officer at Prista Corporation.

The application was conceptualized when Schoppman, who had been responsible for clinical services, quality and risk in hospital groups with multiple facilities, was challenged with numerous inconsistencies in existing quality management processes. Together with Don Jarrell, who had more than three decades of experience in digital technology development, Schoppman created the ActionCue Clinical Intelligence application to transform the healthcare landscape. ActionCue CI has changed the way hospitals manage risk, quality, and performance improvement by making information easy to access and understand. Using Prista’s collaborative solution fosters increased communication and cooperation within the organization, giving clients access to detailed reports that provide actionable insights for continuous quality monitoring. The solution’s event reporting platform helps clients analyze, learn and take actions to improve safety and patient care.

ActionCue’s dashboards and built-in reports offer several innovative and intuitive data presentation styles, as opposed to mundane spreadsheets and number grids.

“We apply a lot of perceptive psychology and neuroscience to produce the right insights quickly, which in turn saves 20-30 percent of the quality manager’s time,” says Jarrell, President of Prista Corporation and designer of ActionCue.
Don Jarrell, President
The solution allows users to easily drill into the information while maintaining access permissions corresponding to each user’s role, allowing for confidentiality and sensitivity of event reports. Even though the company is totally focused on the healthcare industry, the functional architecture of the application has fundamentally enhanced the quality improvement cycle such that it is applicable to many other areas such as manufacturing, mining and construction safety.

Our innovation and commitment to increasing patient care quality is fostering a new “Culture of Quality” within the healthcare industry

Prista Corporation enhances ActionCue every month by incorporating changes suggested by customers and their own research and design staff, keeping the solution in the forefront of evolving healthcare requirements. With the success of ActionCue in clinical operations, Prista Corporation decided to include financial healthcare analytics, as Jarrell sees the two as essentially linked in priority.

“Efficiency in quality-safety improvement operations impacts the bottom line, and the results of those efforts impact both the top and bottom line. Consequently, the integration of clinical operations, quality, and finance has come to the forefront,” Jarrell says.

Following the styling and format of ActionCue, the company is set to strengthen the integration with a powerful tool focusing on the financial metrics driving management intervention. With regular enhancements, the company is continually growing its base of functionality by building its brand around efficiency of operation, cognition, and delivery of value.

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Billie Anne Schoppman, Chief Mission Officer and Don Jarrell, President

The company provides quality management software for healthcare in an innovative way that tightly integrates quality, risk, and performance improvement efforts

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