Proagrica: Augmenting Agricultural Productivity through Data-Driven Insights

Graeme McCracken, CEO
With a deluge of new satellite imagery coming every three days, advanced on-farm sensors sending updates round the clock, or a horde of application maps piling up on machinery hard drives after every tractor run—there is more agricultural data stacked up daily to a modern farm’s archive than one can imagine. But the fact thatagronomists and growers are ‘drowning’ in data, is highlighting a major challenge prevailing in the agriculture industry: making sense of those colossal amounts of data.

Unable to makeheads or tails of the astonishing data load from disparate sources, integrating the data to gain meaningful insights is also becoming a herculean task for agronomists and manufacturers alike.Furthermore, farmers are left confused when they are bombarded with a horde of bespoke applications for specific purposes. Hence, there is a growing need to connect internal management systems to standardize processes that suffer from duplication or delay and leverage industry-leading technology to unlock the full potential of data. Rising to the occasion, Surrey-based Proagrica is unearthing the hidden value of the data through their integrated B2B supply chain network and workflow solutions that allow agriculture and animal health businesses make more informed decisions while maintaining high profitability.

“Using our state-of the-art workflow solutions, customers gain access to the entire flow of the data throughout the agricultural supply chain—thereby unlocking the measurable value to every link in the supply chain,” states Graeme McCracken, CEO of Proagrica. In this case, unearthing the hidden value in the supply chain implies smoother workflows, increased productivity, greater returns, and actionable data analytics. Whether the dataoriginates from the farm, distribution, or from the retail end of the supply chain, Proagrica’s objective is to drive better visibility of what’s going on—from handling farm management data to promoting and streamlining everyday commerce.

On that note, Proagrica has designed the Adaptris Interlok Integration Framework, an event-based framework enabling data architects to rapidly connect different applications, communications standards and data standards, and deliver an integrated solution—tailored to the customer’s requirements. The framework facilitates seamless connection to hundreds of applications, data standards and communications protocols. Alongside, it also caches data to reduce latency of repeated calls for slow or remote back end systems while being highly scalable.

Using our state-of the-art workflow solutions, customers gain access to the entire flow of the data throughout the agricultural supply chain—thereby unlocking the measurable value to every link in the supply chain

Owing to their advocacy of smarter connectivity and data-led insights, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Proagrica has satisfied countless customers over the years and is widely trusted by global brands. Among a surfeit of success stories, the one that stands out is whereImpact Fertilisers—a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss agri-business Ameropa Group—was dealing with difficulties in SAP integration and the complexity of the order2cash processes in the fertilizer sector after their previous efforts to implement an online ordering portal had gone astray. Quite understandably, Impact Fertilizers was cautious when revisiting portal solutions. So, following a thorough market research, they came across Proagrica as a company specializing in technological innovations with a unique insight into the agriculture and fertilizer sectors. As soon as Proagrica stepped in, Impact Fertilizers have traded electronically with their main customers through Proagrica’s portal to reduce processing errors, administration costs and increase delivery visibility for years now.

Basking in the success of its products and their esteemed reputation, Proagrica is all set to embrace the near future with a zeal of innovation. The company is looking to release an omnichannel platform for strengthening AG retail customer relationships. The platform is designed as an ag retail hub that will serve as a one-stop-shop catering to grower’s needs—right from account management to online ordering. “Meanwhile, in tandem, with some exciting trends like growing affinity for vegetarianism and the rise of smart meats in the U.S. agriculture and animal health sector, we are focusing on integrated grower and agronomical applications—giving rise to crops with an unfaltering quality,” concludes McCracken.

Proagrica News

Proagrica Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire US Farm Solutions Company SST Software

LONDON: Proagrica, part of RELX Group, a world-leading provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the entire issued share capital of US based precision agriculture solutions company, SST Software. The transaction is subject to customary conditions and is expected to close during the first quarter of 2018.

Proagrica serves the agriculture industry by providing independent connectivity and data-driven decision support solutions, creating actionable intelligence to drive business growth across the value chain. SST Software is a leading US independent precision farming solutions company and delivers insight and decision support to agronomic advisors and growers.

"This is an important commitment to Proagrica's development, particularly in North America", said Graeme McCracken, Managing Director of Proagrica. "We are delighted that our two businesses will come together to combine our solutions, customer focus and vision to deliver what I believe will be a unique solution that will provide insight into the fragmented agricultural supply chain. The combination of Proagrica's key competencies of data connectivity and data analytics, and SST's focus on the agriculture retail and agronomy services segment means we can better serve those who advise and sell to farmers.

Agriculture has huge opportunities to benefit from sharing data. Proagrica has both the track record and technological expertise to facilitate this transformation acting as an independent broker, protecting and nurturing trust and demonstrating the gains to be had, throughout the supply chain."

SST will continue to trade under the SST brands alongside Proagrica's current product portfolio. SST's Chief Executive Officer, Matt Waits will continue to lead the organization from its headquarters in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

"Today, farmers are collecting more data than ever," said Waits," but the value of those data assets are not being fully realized due to the lack of digital compatibility in the market. Retailers, seed companies, pesticide manufacturers, and equipment companies all provide valuable services to growers, but growers cannot freely participate with these offerings due to data incompatibility. Proagrica represents a truly independent offering to the market that is focused on unlocking the value of data through seamless and trusted integration of the agricultural supply chain. Our two companies coming together will bring opportunities to all participants in agriculture and I am looking forward to working with the Proagrica team and our customers to bring this to reality".

SST Software has been serving the growers and agronomists in the US for more than 20 years. With well-established products such as SST Summit, FarmRite and Sirrus, SST has been a driving force in the development of digital agriculture. Proagrica will continue the development of these SST solutions and particularly of SST's agX Platform, a geospatial farm data platform that transfers data from system to system, so allowing efficient data transfer with benefits of transparency and insight. The development of platforms which integrate, standardize and synchronize across multiple data sources while protecting these data assets is Proagrica's global expertise.


SurreyLondon, England

Graeme McCracken, CEO

Proagrica offers independent connectivity and data-driven support solutions that enable agriculture and animal health businesses to make informed decisions while maintaining high productivity and profitability. Within Proagrica’s technology portfolio is Interlok, an integration framework that facilitates seamless connection to hundreds of different applications, data standards, and communications protocols and offers centralized monitoring and control with the ability to federate deployment across the supply chain network. What makes the platform unique is its pluggable service-oriented architecture, event-based tracking and visibility of messages in real time, along with common data model across the deployment—which makes it cost-effective to deploy additional components