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Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner
Anyone who has ever run their own business realizes the power of one customer. A company can become highly successful by pleasing one customer at a time and by creating customers for life. In the digital age, the customer is all but a goldfish swimming in an ocean of information and much like the fish, it is difficult to keep his attention on anything for more than five seconds at a time. In that vast ocean, we call the internet, search engines create an easy framework for navigation, with Google leading the way in how people today search for anything online. It is hard enough for marketing agencies to push digital content across potential clients, and as Google adds more elements to its algorithms every day, carving out a niche in so saturated a space is even more difficult. Marketing agencies must learn the client’s business while staying on top of the industry trends which makes the end product more expensive.

“To have a win-win situation, we have to work with clients to impact their bottom line. We design and develop marketing programs that we can measure really well to help boost online visibility, and profit, for all our clients,” states Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner at Proceed Innovative - a successful digital marketing company in Chicago.

Specializing in the internet marketing industry for over ten years, the company has developed expertise in the disaster restoration vertical market, and home healthcare business. Following a proven procedure, Proceed Innovative works with clients to understand their business goals and creates an integrated marketing strategy to achieve success. The process includes analyzing customer profiles and competitor strategies to be successful online, both at local and national levels. Based on the research and business goals, the company develops and implements a digital program that guarantees better results from a sales perspective. Often, Proceed Innovative goes more in-depth in their research from top to bottom to explore the value of a customer for the client. For instance, business analytics help Proceed Innovative develop the marketing program for both short term as well as long-term customer relationships.

By designing customized marketing programs, Proceed Innovative’s experts help companies improve online engagement, traffic, and leads resulting in higher ROI.

To have a win-win situation, we have to work with clients to impact their bottom line. We design and develop marketing programs that we can measure really well to help boost online visibility, and profit, for all our clients

The company helps businesses create custom lead generation strategies with cost-efficient SEO methods and automated lead generation tools that fit organizational requirements. Tracking and reporting results and leads using web analytics and phone call tracking is an important part of each marketing program. Proceed Innovative helps companies drive sales and increase brand awareness using web analytics and creative web design.

Highlighting one of Proceed Innovative’s success stories, a home care company generated 46 percent of its total revenue through online marketing after implementing Proceed Innovative’s marketing program. Before the adoption of the program, online lead generation for this company was zero. The company had 12-13 other marketing initiatives, including traditional marketing, which generated the remaining 54 percent.

Proceed Innovative has generated thousands of leads and calls for their clients in 2018 and aims to double the number in 2019. Jasmine believes that the key to success is the passionate team, dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. “I try to provide a perfect balance between professional and personal life while I count on my team 100 percent to do the job right and on time, to exceed customer expectations by providing the best products and service, to produce a customer experience that never disappoints,” says Jasmine. This passion and dedication toward the client’s success create long-term loyal customers.

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Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner

Internet today, is the most measurable, results-driven mass-marketing vehicle available. Proceed Innovative has been at the forefront, helping customers find powerful new ways to use the Internet to extend their brands and drive sales. It offers customers with unparalleled expertise across all critical interactive marketing disciplines, enabling companies to consolidate all marketing initiatives with a trusted team of professionals. The company specializes in delivering its innovative interactive marketing solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and travel and hospitality markets. Its interactive marketing professionals have in-depth knowledge that enables it to develop highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns