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Ray Hein, Co-Founder and CEO
Ensuring a seamless collaboration between product and commercial teams is essential for product companies. It eliminates the problems pertaining to longer time to market, higher costs, and decaying customer satisfaction. Achieving this feat, however, has been daunting for organizations, given the lack of effective solutions – until now.

Propel Software solves this issue for product companies with its unified product value management (PVM) platform that combines product lifecycle management (PLM), quality management (QMS), and product information management (PIM) solutions in one platform built on Salesforce. The company has introduced its PVM platform which is a pure cloud approach to address the lingering deficiencies of traditional PLM tools. Clients can have both customer and product records on a single platform. This ensures better visibility, collaboration, and insight across the entire value chain, allowing companies to work smarter, better and faster.

"Salesforce customers understand the value of Customer 360, a single platform to manage their entire customer journey from lead and sales to service. Propel does the same thing for products; we power the enterprise product record from concept to customer," says Ray Hein, co-founder and CEO, Propel.

Bringing Customer 360 and PVM on a shared platform, Propel ensures a cost-effective way to enable unified business processes across a company. With Salesforce and Propel, there is no front and back office—just a single whole office with no gap between commercial and product teams.

Propel’s low-code/no-code composable solution inherits security, extensibility, and scalability from the Salesforce platform. Configuring and upgrading solutions on a common platform is also easier and more cost effective than relying on third-party integrations.

"The insight, collaboration, and engagement we deliver helps companies define and evolve products over their lifetime, optimize successful economic outcomes, and engage customers with compelling products and experiences.
This is a competitive advantage for Propel as well as our customers," says Hein.

Propel’s robust capabilities can be best exemplified by one of its clients, Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). ASP needed an interconnected platform to swiftly intake, investigate, assess, report, and track all aspects of the compliance process, alleviate software overhead costs, and gain organizational efficiencies.

The insight, collaboration, and engagement we deliver helps companies define and evolve products over their lifetime, optimize successful economic outcomes, and engage customers with compelling products and experiences

ASP chose Salesforce for CRM, SAP for ERP, and Propel for QMS and PLM. The combined capability of Salesforce, SAP, and Propel enabled ASP to integrate customer, supplier, and product data across its entire value chain.

Another customer,Desktop Metal, a startup 3D printing firm, has grown into a hyper-growth venture-backed public company. Propel helped it develop a PLM system to manage product complexity and support rapid innovation coordinating team members, suppliers, and contract manufacturers on the latest product changes.

"We easily integrated with Desktop Metal's systems and flexibly scaled with the business as it grew," adds Hein.

Propel maintains an industry-agnostic approach with every project it undertakes. For the road ahead, the company intends to remain a go-to name in the market for helping clients provide an enthralling product experience.

Propel Software

Santa Clara, CA

Ray Hein, Co-Founder and CEO

Propel Software helps grow revenue and increase business value. Its product value management platform (PVM) connects commercial and product teams to optimize decision making, drive process efficiencies, and engage customers with compelling products and experiences. Propel drives product success for hyper growth startups, corporate pioneers and Fortune 500 customers in the high tech, med tech and consumer goods industries.

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