Protegrity: Innovative Approach to Data Protection

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Nathan Vega, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy
As the leading precision data protection provider, Protegrity offers a robust approach to securing data at the speed of business. With its precision data protection platform, the company helps enterprises in financial services, healthcare, private health insurance, and retail, effectively protect sensitive data and stay compliant with evolving privacy laws.

Designed to bolster the security of high-risk data, the Protegrity Database Protector is leveraged for all major databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Exadata, to enhance native database security.

Protegrity has been a part of the Oracle Ecosystem since 2006 and is a Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network. Its Database Protector for Oracle Exadata supports Oracle Database and its Oracle Exadata Database Machine enables analytics on protected datasets while meeting performance objectives. This means more users can access data to deliver new business insights without viewing sensitive data.

“Data security and privacy are strategic capabilities that enable businesses to use their data for competitive advantage. As clients modernize their infrastructure and migrate to the cloud, Protegrity focuses on enabling them to move on-prem data to an ecosystem of cloud technologies while remaining compliant with privacy regulations,” says Nathan Vega, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy.

Most businesses plan to adopt multi-cloud architectures to meet their business and transformation objectives. Data security tools must span clouds and deliver embeddable data protection into the cloud architecture to enable their transformation. Centralized management with decentralized data protection across cloud environments, including Oracle, Azure, and AWS, accelerates data use and innovation for the enterprise.

With Protegrity, application development, product development, and data science teams have critical data at their disposal and can accelerate their projects to market quickly, without compromising consumer security and privacy. Protegrity’s platform audits and monitors protected datasets which enables an enterprise to prove compliance with industry regulations, including PCI-DSS, NACHA, HIPAA, and GDPR. Thereby widening new business opportunities and driving innovation for sustained competitiveness.

Protegrity works with enterprises through the data lifecycle to discover, classify, and protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
Protecting sensitive data, including customer, employee, and financial data starts with knowing where the data is stored. Protegrity’s platform offers the ability to discover and classify sensitive data which accelerates protecting and using it.

Because there is a variety of data types and use cases, businesses often require a variety of security methods and tools to protect their data. To simplify this task, Protegrity delivers a centralized policy control for format preserving encryption, vaultless tokenization, masking, and anonymization, to protect the data in transit, at rest, and in use across various platforms, applications, mainframes, databases, and a variety of cloud environments. Through decentralized data protection, Protegrity allows customers to embed the protection wherever they need it, in applications, databases, and across network protocols.

Protegrity widens the aperture for data consumption through internal and external users because data analysis can occur without reidentifying the underlying sensitive data elements.

Data security and privacy are strategic capabilities that enable businesses to use their data for competitive advantage

The success of its clients demonstrates the value that Protegrity drives. For example, a large global bank with more than $50 billion in revenue and over $1.5 trillion in assets, needed to accelerate the use of data to fuel innovation and business projects while complying with data privacy and sovereignty laws. They also needed to streamline their applications’ data security and architectural review process.

Via its fine-grained data protection platform, Protegrity established an enterprise service for data protection across the bank’s systems and enabled them to use it in their applications with an API. This model enables the bank to meet the data sovereignty requirements of 120 countries with a single, shared data protection service. As the client was using protected data at rest and in transit, they could eliminate most of the security and architecture review processes. As a result, the bank brought projects to market faster and delivered a significant ROI of over $10 million.

Protegrity continues to help clients add data-centric security to protect their data from cyberattacks. Continually enhancing its platform, the company has recently incorporated an anonymization feature to ensure privacy while clients’ data science teams build ML models on those data sets.


Salt Lake City, UT

Nathan Vega, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy

Protegrity allows businesses to tap into the value of their data and accelerate digital transformation timelines without compromising data privacy. Its innovative approach to data protection frees businesses from the constraints associated with accessing and leveraging data to make informed decisions and fuel innovation.