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Dave Del Toro, President & CEO
The clinical workflow is a complex structure weaved with intricate procedures and tedious documentation that physicians have to endure on a daily basis. In order to mitigate this, modern clinical technology has evolved to automate and simplify the complexities of clinical procedures through software-powered solutions that allow physicians to be more connected and involved with their patient’s well-being rather than being intertwined in redundant paperwork. In the light of this development, as the clinical landscape sought for intuitive and flexible software alternatives that would complement a clinician’s workflow, Provation made its mark as a leading provider of clinical productivity software.

Started as a menu-driven computer application to replace the dictation and transcription in the GI procedures, the Provation platform is grounded in over two decades of clinical innovation that created a user interface most widely preferred by the modern physicians. With an esteemed industry stature developed over 25 years, Provation is highly accredited for its procedure documentation solution, Provation® MD, an on-premise software that allows physicians to quickly and accurately document all relevant procedure details in an efficient, consistent, and easily reportable manner. The company has deep medical content for over 3,000 procedures with inherently linked ICD-10 and CPT codes for all reimbursable actions that streamline billing and help in ensuring appropriate payments. Dave Del Toro, president and CEO of Provation says, “Provation MD has allowed us to prove our niche in the clinical procedure documentation market, especially in gastroenterology. Today, the software is trusted by leading physicians in over 2,500 hospitals and 1,000 ASCs, including 16 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals for GI and GI surgery.”

Using the tried-and-true medical content and workflows of Provation MD as foundation combined with the latest technological capabilities, Provation has developed its Provation® Apex platform, an advanced multispecialty, cloud-based solution. With additional feature sets including machine learned favorites, voice-to-text, and single-click e-sign, Provation Apex is indeed a significant ascent from Provation MD that offers a huge opportunity for benchmarking analytics.

Clinical productivity innovation is not just a business goal for us—it’s the foundation for everything we do

Taking the data out of the four walls of the facility, Provation Apex coupled with the cloud can unlock analytics reporting across multiple specialties within an organization and across all customers. Apex deals with gastroenterology, pulmonology, pain management, and orthopedics with exceptional attention to detail. Due to the SaaS model of the platform, customers require a much smaller IT footprint, with no need for servers, maintenance, or Apex software back-ups and updates. The company ensures that the Apex software is up to date with the latest features and content by maintaining in-house updates through the cloud.

Designed at its core to improve clinical productivity and physician satisfaction, Provation Apex was created by a unique blend of software engineers working closely with leading physicians. To deliver the best product, the developers at Provation formed a deep understanding of the intricacies of the physician’s workflows and their procedure documentation needs. Rebecca R. Craig, CEO and Provation Super User at Harmony Surgery Center, says, “There’s absolutely no comparison. There is not another solution that can do everything that Provation can do. Our physicians love it.”

Provation, in terms of its journey as an organization, has just begun to accelerate again with Apex platform and the company plans to continuously evolve with the transforming market needs. With endless possibilities to explore, Provation aims to add new specialties, productivity-boosting features, and efficiencies. With Apex, the developers at Provation have a significantly scalable and adaptable platform that allows them to react more quickly and add features, specialties, and efficiencies with fewer limitations. “Clinical productivity innovation is not just a business goal for us—it’s the foundation for everything we do,” concludes Del Toro.


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Dave Del Toro, President & CEO

Provides cloud-based procedure documentation platforms designed in line with intricate workflows and documentation of physicians