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Shaan Revuru, Vice President of Products
Hospitals rely on their staff and assets to cater to the patients and respond to their illnesses promptly. However, they constantly struggle to manage their assets, including medical devices and equipment, due to misplacement or theft. This inconvenience puts their staff behind schedule as patients end up waiting for longer durations. During emergencies, asset unavailability can have a devastating effect on the patient’s lives, leaving hospitals vulnerable to ignominy. What’s more, asset loss or mismanagement often leads to massive capital expenditure. Innovative technology company, Pycube, is on a mission to help hospitals overcome their asset management limitations through its cloud-based Al and blockchain-enabled enterprise asset management solutions. A proponent of predictive maintenance, Pycube enables teams to take an informed approach to enterprise asset management (EAM) for better business and patient outcomes.

Pycube offers aktivu™, a mobile and web-based EAM solution to cater to the complete asset lifecycle. Scalable and modular, aktivu™ allows hospitals to reduce their asset tracking time and focus on delivering care to patients. The solution manages, locates, and tracks every asset within the facility in real time. With the help of customizable reports and analytics, it sends alerts to the mobile devices of nurses and biomedical engineering teams in case an asset is scheduled for maintenance. aktivu™ comes included with the American Health Association’s depreciable asset life data that is used to track an asset’s end-of-life, so aktivu™ can notify hospitals when their clinical assets need to be retired or disposed. With the floor plans of a hospital uploaded to the application, aktivu™ can pinpoint the exact location of the asset. aktivu™ is also integrated with US FDA’s Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) to help track medical device utilization patterns and analyze appropriateness of care. Seamless data visibility and analytics provide insights into usage patterns and ensure maximum asset utilization and optimization as well as improved workflow. “The actionable insights allow hospitals to make proven and judicious decisions,” says Shaan Revuru, Vice President of Products at Pycube.

The actionable insights allow hospitals to make proven and judicious decisions

For hospitals to have a holistic view of their assets’ location, Pycube offers a hardware solution- SyncSens™ integrated with RFID, Infrared and Bluetooth based real-time location systems. SyncSens™ tracks assets in real time and prevents unauthorized exits of assets from the hospital facility. The company also has partnerships with multiple RFID and RTLS device vendors to help track the exact location of an asset. All assets are tagged with RFID tags that enable easy tracking and monitoring.

Pycube has scripted numerous success stories to date. For instance, a major New York-based hospital faced difficulty in tracking and locating all their assets leaving the facility. The hospital was losing its assets either accidentally— through patients not realizing they had an asset attached to them while leaving the hospital—or intentionally through theft. The hospital approached Pycube for a solution. Pycube implemented its simple and cost-effective SyncSens™ RFID solution. The client utilized RFID tags to track when assets passed certain egress/ingress points and alerted the hospital staff when an asset was leaving the hospital. By doing so, the hospital gained comprehensive information about all their assets and misplacements occurring due to any staff inefficiencies. As a result, the hospital was able to better plan security resources, reduce asset loss, and improve their processes with complete transparency into their asset lifecycle.

Sprinting ahead in full stream, Pycube is planning to expand its geographical footprint to Canada, Ireland, and the UK by 2020. With a robust growth strategy, the company is striving to further its agenda of predictive maintenance, improving clients’ operational efficiency and asset optimization in the most effective way possible.


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Shaan Revuru, Vice President of Products

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