Qognify: Fortifying Solutions for Building a Safer and Secure City

Moti Shabtai, President
“By 2050, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population will start living in urban centers, according to estimations,” begins Moti Shabtai, President, Qognify. Growing population, rapid urbanization and migration of billions of people is creating a significant pressure on the existing urban infrastructures. Governments are required, therefore, to maintain basic services, such as water and power, healthcare, public safety and emergency services, all while providing the foundation for economic and social prosperity. These services and policies can be benefitted from a Smart City solution and this is where Qognify comes into play.

By engaging in comprehensive and holistic planning, Qognify ensures cities’ security, safety and operational needs are fully met before costly infrastructure and deployment activities are taken.

A key element in the Qognify safe city solution is Situator, a Situation Management system that analyzes and correlates all the structured and unstructured data involved in resolving these critical incidents, by time, space, and severity, providing situational awareness and the ability to effectively manage any critical situation.

“With the recent release of Situator 8.0 version, we have introduced the new Operational Intelligence Center (OIC), which takes the solution to the next level, by enabling users to leverage the massive amounts of big data that Situator captures, monitors and correlates, and turning insights from big data into actionable intelligence,” explains Moti. As an example, extreme weather conditions are a challenge that urban centers are increasingly facing. OIC helps to anticipate these weather conditions impacting a wide range of safety, travel, economics, and emergency services issues. It also enables cities to be more proactive and anticipate events. Its new advanced rule engine works across monitoring large volumes of data and detecting deviations in leading indicators.

Other examples are cases that call for the need to locate the owner of an unattended baggage, an individual suspected of criminal activity, or a lost child.

Our Smart City solution includes video surveillance and Situation Management, contributing to cities that are more safe and secure, and keeping daily life moving smoothly for people around the world

For these situations, where time is of essence, Qognify’s Suspect Search locates and tracks specific people, using a patent-pending algorithm creating a unique body signature, based on an image or description. It then finds and tracks the person of interest across multiple cameras and areas.

“We have just announced a groundbreaking video management solution (VMS). This is a next-generation web-based video management solution (VMS) with extended video surveillance and security management capabilities. VisionHub perfectly fits the challenges in a safe city environment: it takes a smart, strong, scalable and simple VMS that not only manages video to a supreme level but also increase situational awareness and effectively manage security incidents”.

“Our newly developed solution takes VMS to another level, giving organizations the ability to elevate the performance of their security operations and its effectiveness,” says Moti.

“Qognify has vast experience in helping cities around the world manage day-to-day life, as well as large-scale events, from both a security and operational perspective. We are very pleased to be a key player in safeguarding cities such as Nanded in India, Sochi in Russia and many others, contributing to cities that are more safe and secure, and keeping daily life moving smoothly for people around the world,” concludes Moti.


Paramus, NJ

Moti Shabtai, President

Provider of Safe/Smart City solution to anticipate, manage and mitigate security and safety risks, maintain business continuity, and optimize operations

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