Quadient: A New Frontier in Customer Experience Excellence

Tamir Sigal, CMO
It was not so long ago that companies rivaled on the product and the price. Today, with a growing cognition of specific consumer preferences and requirements, businesses are placing customers at the front and center of their business strategies. Although companies are on a quest to deliver an exceptional customer experience, on the customer front concerns still linger. “Customers most often find that their experience during the pre-purchase phase of the journey to be awesome, whereas the post-purchase experience ends on a disappointing note,” remarks Tamir Sigal, CMO of Quadient. As crucial it is for businesses to acquire new customers on their growth journey, nurturing and sustaining the interests of their existing customers is just as vital. At the helm of tackling these concerns head-on is Quadient, a company that is scripting an amazing customer experience success story across the customer lifecycle.

In the dynamic customer experience arena, Sigal cites various factors such as difficulty in accessing data from the numerous different systems in a compliant manner, departmental silos and the end consumer’s growing appetite and pace of technology adoption to be the biggest roadblocks in the process of providing superior customer experience. Quadient holistically mitigates all the shortcomings through its proprietary customer experience (CX) platform. As the first step, Quadient’s CX platform allows the client company to gather data from multiple systems, legacy, on-premise or cloud based. The data is then refined, validated, and made accurate from a legal standpoint as well. The next step is in bringing together all the data to create an omni-channel communication.

“The secret sauce is our award-winning solution, Inspire that quickly creates a single personalized communication design across all channels—mobile, web, print and even social media,” says Sigal. As the tertiary value proposition, Quadient breaks down organizational silos and aligns all stakeholders in a collaborative environment with the goal of enhancing the customer experience quotient. Quadient creates a customer journey map that illustrates every customer touch point enabling the client company to understand the customer and improve each interaction along the customer journey.

The secret sauce is our award-winning solution, Inspire that quickly creates a single personalized communication design across all channels— mobile, web, print and even social media

With a presence in 24 locations worldwide, Quadient’s state-of-the-art solutions help numerous companies in financial services, insurance and service provider industries achieve customer experience excellence. In an implementation highlight, Bank of Montreal (BMO) customers can today open an account on their smartphones in less than eight minutes. The key achievement metrics of the deployment of Quadient Inspire include digital adoption across 940 retail branches across Canada, which will result in annual savings of $132 million CAD. Furthermore, efficiency increased by 40 percent with an 80 percent improvement in the audit function. “Recognized as a leader in the space of customer communications management, we have a 90 percent customer success and satisfaction rate,” extols Sigal.

Throwing light on their expanding solution portfolio, Sigal says “While we continue to invest in our cloud offering, we are planning to augment our mobile capabilities by focusing not only on delivering the perfect experience within an existing app but also enabling our non-IT users to quickly build an app themselves. Quadient exemplifies how technology can elevate the customer experience in a compliant manner. “Although stringent regulations can be a barrier to customer experience, we don’t necessarily circumvent any regulation, instead facilitate and accelerate the delivery of customer experience,” concludes Sigal.


Appenzell, Switzerland

Tamir Sigal, CMO

Quadient helps companies achieve customer experience excellence