Quake Global: Reimagining Asset Intelligence

With 20 years of experience in telecommunications, Polina Braunstein in has witnessed the transition of remote monitoring from traditional processes to M2M communication and IoT. Her resolve to challenge the orthodoxies in enterprise businesses long before M2M came into prominence spurred the genesis of Quake Global. The California-based company empowers businesses with asset intelligence by devising industrial M2M and IoT devices for asset tracking and monitoring. Having pioneered M2M development in the past, the company currently focuses on asset tracking, management and security that enhance visibility, remote control and analytic insight. “Since inception, we focus on enabling people to control and monitor their assets for the optimizing their internal processes that save time, resources and cost consumed,” says Polina.

Whether it’s a utility monitoring energy meters remotely or an organization managing inventory across different locations, M2M and IoT are making huge strides in bringing true connectivity between enterprises and their biggest priorities: assets. This is where Quake Global has spotted an opportunity for innovation by leveraging state-of-the-art access technology. With the monitoring spanning from of mining, oil or gas sites on the land to ships moving across the globe, the Quake Global hardware products installed in the systems enable communications and capture data from assets anywhere in the world and transmit it across a variety of networks via satellite, terrestrial and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Optimizing businesses and their operations, these M2M and IoT solutions allow customers to reduce operational costs, avoid errors, and substantially improve ROI. One of the most distinctive features of these asset monitoring solutions is their capability to provide real-time data and notifications that drive better decision making.

Regardless of the size of an organization—large or small, every customer that comes to Quake Global is unique. With highly qualified personnel onboard, the firm brings its rich technical expertise coupled with the sharp business acumen to deliver the best solution. A partnership with Quake Global typically starts off with understanding the customer’s needs to ensure that the proposal follows the right execution plan. Subsequently, the Quake team strategizes a solution and explains how it can be put into action. What follows is a tuning process that takes place between the product and the customer, to smoothen out its functionality for them.

We focus on enabling people to control and monitor their assets for the optimizing their internal processes that save time, resources and cost consumed

The solutions are specifically designed to assist clients in managing complex data amidst challenging environments like healthcare, logistics and industrial sectors. In an instance, an automotive manufacturer had wanted a solution which could physically move a vehicle from where it was parked if someone were to approach it. Quake Global rendered this range of vehicle control, through its remote control capability, allowing the customer to essentially lock the vehicle, not with the standard key, but through an OTA solution. They were also able to move the vehicle while retaining the ability to collect data from the engine, which is a vital part of the M2M communication paradigm. Additionally, the vehicle can be brought to a dead stop on the owner’s confirmation—which can happen on demand, by programming capability or through a personal communication device.

Scripting similar success stories with innovative solutions and products, the company is bullish on the rise of M2M systems and the IoT products and solutions designed to simplify human life and eliminate errors in connected vehicles and smart cities/environments. Quake Global will be focusing on energy harvesting devices in the telecommunication industry, and to create this synchronized operation to interact with all types of devices, enabling users to pass data securely. “The advances in the technology relevant to remote capability will enable consumers and asset owners to connect to everything from the smart grids to traffic lights and have the ability to generate information a lot more accurately,” concludes the CEO.

Quake Global

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Polina Braunstein, President and CEO

Quake Global is the leading provider of hardware and software products and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) market