Razorleaf Corporation: Engineering Challenges Conquered through PLM Expertise

Eric Doubell, President
In the complex and changing world of design and development, organizations deal with an overwhelming amount of data over the life cycle of a product. With so many PLM software offerings out there, the benefits of PLM systems are not spread evenly across industry today. The landscape is littered with partially complete deployments and shattered expectations, similar to the early ERP adoption days. These projects often need the help of experts who can align the advanced capabilities of PLM software to the pragmatic reality of day-to-day engineering processes. Razorleaf Corporation, a PLM services company, works with organizations of all sizes to improve their business processes through the selective application of software and technology. The company has a staff of experts from traditional IT domains like infrastructure and database administration, as well as engineering experts who understand industry-specific processes.

Razorleaf specializes in deploying and implementing PLM software and its surrounding technologies, but they are not a software reseller. As a result, Razorleaf intimately understands the business value that the systems they work with can have to an organization and knows where the rubber meets the road. With deep expertise in CRM, ERP, and other line of business systems (like SharePoint), they focus on improving customers’ PLM processes regardless of the systems in their environment. Eric Doubell, President of Razorleaf notes, “Everyone in IT recognizes the ability of CRM to increase revenue and the ability of ERP to reduce costs, but few recognize the full benefits the PLM can provide in each of these areas.” One example of how Razorleaf has helped customers in this area is with their design automation services. Razorleaf’s sales configurator experts have helped numerous customers shave days off of the quoting process for their products, and seamlessly connect to front-end CRM systems. By maintaining independence, Razorleaf can help customers regardless of their technology stack or their preference for a specific PLM software vendor.

Unlike many consulting service providers in the PLM space, Razorleaf works with customers large and small. Small engineering and product development companies have the same business challenges as their larger counterparts, but have fewer resources to address them.

One of the things that has differentiated us over the years is our propensity for taking on difficult projects; we like the hard stuff

Razorleaf puts PLM technology within reach for many small organizations through creative offerings like managed services, quick start deployments, and early involvement with PLM cloud solutions. This flexibility in serving a varied customer base is what has expanded their involvement in other specialized areas of PLM. Their consultants regularly work in sensitive projects related to intellectual property security, regulatory compliance, and merger/divestiture efforts. “One of the things that has differentiated us over the years is our propensity for taking on difficult projects; we like the hard stuff,” says Doubell.

One of the areas of PLM that is fraught with risk is the integration of PLM with other systems. Razorleaf estimates that 90 percent of its projects include some type of integration in the initial phase, frequently with multiple CAD, ERP or CRM systems. The reason this is challenging is because relatively few organizations understand the special characteristics and behaviors of engineering data. In addition to acting as educators on the topic, Razorleaf has developed its own integration platform, Clover. Clover exists to enhance the standard capabilities of traditional middleware and enterprise service bus tools by accommodating the unique qualities of engineering data.

In the complex world of engineering design and development, Razorleaf succeeds in delivering on the promise of PLM by putting its customers’ business processes ahead of software and technology platforms. They help their clients realize new levels of business value from PLM by revamping business processes and successfully migrating sensitive business data that takes advantage of next generation systems. Their deep knowledge of PLM, their vendor-independence, and focus on the customer is what makes Razorleaf unique in the marketplace.

Razorleaf Corporation

Stow, OH

Eric Doubell, President

Razorleaf provides independent consultancy on PLM systems and engineering-related business problems

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