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William Gargano, SVP
Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are caught between a rock and a hard place, running hard to innovate and keep pace with changes brought about by digital technology. In the wake of fewer blockbuster drugs, smaller budgets, and increasing specialization and regulations, small and medium-sized companies are under immense pressure to meet diverse requirements within the industry. Against this dynamic backdrop, the old debate over the one-stop-shop for technology and compliance requirements has become more nuanced in the current environment. While organizations have their focus on the workhorse chemistry and frontline science, they also need to quickly build technology-driven capabilities to reach their full potential and deliver real results. A collaborative technology partnership appears as a way forward.

Enter RCM Technologies. A premier provider of business and technology solutions, RCM Technologies empowers enterprises with advanced engineering and information technology services to enhance and maximize their operational performance. Besides serving healthcare institutions and educational companies in both the commercial and government sectors, the company has also built extensive capabilities and services to support the life sciences industry. The company’s knowledge base ranges from clinical support to manufacturing to commercial deployment of a potential new drug or a medical device. As a one-stop-shop, RCM is also fully prepared to assist its clients in sales and analytics, and rapidly deploy a flexible and adaptable solution that does not require substantial manual support throughout the drug or medical device development cycle. “Our uniqueness stems from our ability to organize not only a business process but also leverage the supportive newer technologies through a transformation process. We help companies take advantage of technologies and deploy them in different or newer situations while keeping an eye on the advancements in the business processes,” says William Gargano, SVP of RCM Technologies.

From staffing and planning to remediation, RCM specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of services to pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies in need of guidance, support, or remediation of quality, compliance, or business challenges. RCM’s innovative services bring in a perfect combination of rich industry knowledge and the latest technology that assists its clients in streamlining their processes and shortening their product development cycles. In the manufacturing realm, the company has also helped clients to deploy and take advantage of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. From R&D, through the various steps of the drug development cycle, to sales and marketing, the dynamic team of subject matter experts at RCM recognize the unique challenges of each customer and work ‘in the trenches’ with the clients to help them thrive in a regulated environment. Besides, RCM’s proprietary screening methodologies coupled with a consultant-focused retention and utilization model has earned it the role as a trusted advisor and partner in execution for the industry’s most innovative companies.

At the core, RCM’s services focus on automation, commissioning and qualification, compliance and quality, health authorities’ observations response and remediation, validation and verification, QA and quality management systems, and training and coaching. While technology continues to change at a rapid pace, Gargano stresses that most companies look for simple, segmented, highly flexible, scalable and customizable solutions and services. Enterprises demand solutions that can take an integrated approach to connecting and processing disparate data, adapt to multiple situations, and allow quick and seamless deployment. “However, there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to achieving this,” he adds. To that end, RCM illustrates its product development lifecycle in the form of a circle as each client enters or engages with the company in a different space and manner. The RCM product development lifecycle comprises of three layers, the first outermost layer of which involves compliance consulting. RCM’s experts leverage their in-depth understanding of the client’s business processes, solutions, and applications, and intertwine these aspects with both the business process compliance and the system’s compliance.

We bring in our extensive breadth of knowledge and unique capabilities to cater to the technology, engineering, staffing, and regulatory requirements—all under one roof

The middle layer of the cycle comprises commissioning and qualifications, compliance and quality, and validation elements. The team’s regulatory knowledge is backed by its ability to apply the best techniques or methodologies that can streamline the entire process. “We equip organizations with a more agile, streamlined, and integrated multiple-path solution that works cohesively, and at the same time, reduces the costs associated with validation and qualification in the implementation cycles. However, our services do not end at the implementation of the solution; we also focus on the maintenance and support that induce 80 percent of the costs,” says Gargano.

The third innermost layer of the product lifecycle includes automation, business solutions, and information technology. “We bring in our extensive breadth of knowledge and unique capabilities to cater to the technology, engineering, staffing, and regulatory requirements—all under one roof,” he extols. Gargon continues to illustrate the prowess of RCM’s services through a customer success story where RCM assisted an organization in the clinical space that was performing four to six clinical trials simultaneously. The client was aware of how its newly-planned therapies and researches would require the number of simultaneous trials to go up to around 30 to 60, involving a hefty price. Although the organization started outsourcing much of its work to a CRO, it soon realized the need for a better way to organize the data and manage the overall finances associated with the same. They were looking not just to meet the tactical means of managing a trial but also be able to holistically view the data in the form of a clinical architecture. Post a refined market analysis, the organization’s search for a reliable partner ended with RCM, who helped the organization by putting in a clinical trial system and program management tool while simultaneously building a data analytics engine at the back end. The integration of all these pieces allowed RCM to create migrational data flows for the organization and the multiple CRO and software vendors. On leveraging RCM’s regulatory knowledge and business process expertise, today, the organization has all appropriate architectures and interfaces in place.

RCM stays ahead of the competition with its vast employee base dedicated to life sciences practices, enabling the company to retain and share the knowledge as per the clients’ needs. With clients spread across multiple geographies, RCM has developed a shared knowledge repository with the broad breadth of capabilities accumulated over the years. The company has the ability to work and share data cohesively across multiple geographies and timelines. RCM’s turnkey solution—dynamic hiring model, simple staff orientation, managed services model, and outsourcing—paves a unique way of engaging the clients. Adding to the company’s competitive edge, the reverse knowledge transfer mechanism allows training and educating the clients, leaving them in a better place than they were before working with RCM.

Continuing to step up its game every minute, RCM has been investing a significant amount of time on data analytics around the leveragability and connectivity of data. Moving ahead, the company has its eyes set on AI and Robotics. While demands for process consistency, quick deployment aspects, and more dynamic goals are already bringing in dramatic changes in the industry, RCM has plans on transforming the ways of engagement.

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William Gargano, SVP

RCM Technologies, Inc. (NasdaqGM: RCMT) is a premier provider of business and technology solutions designed to enhance and maximize the operational performance of its customers through the adaptation and deployment of advanced engineering and information technology services. RCM is also a provider of specialty health care services to major health care institutions and educational facilities. RCM has been an innovative leader in the design, development, and delivery of these services to commercial and government sectors for over 35 years. Over the years, the Company has developed and assembled an attractive, diverse and extensive portfolio of capabilities, service offerings and delivery options, established a proven record of performance and credibility, and built an efficient pricing structure