RESMARK Systems: A Revolutionary Tour Booking System

Brandon Lake, CEO
The increasing complexities in the travel and hospitality space evolve as a significant challenge for organizations, leading to the need for technological advancement. Tour and activity companies possess the most diverse and intricate product set, forcing them to combine multiple solutions for marketing, sales, and operations to produce favorable outcomes. This proves to be inefficient and leads to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. On the marketing side, most companies struggle to sell inventory through common reseller channels such as travel agents, activity desks, hotel concierges, online travel websites, and other local suppliers. They are confined to rely on tiresome phone calls to check availability and update reservations, leading to slow customer service, higher staffing costs and lost sales opportunities. On top of that, tour companies today have an unprecedented level of collaboration between themselves and resellers. This all-too-tedious process of checking availability and confirming bookings is time and cost-intensive, and fetters immediate services to customers. No longer will just a “Book Now” button and a prepossessing website help organizations stay ahead of today’s competition and anticipate for tomorrow.

Established to improve the way tour and activity companies do business, Utah-based RESMARK Systems, delivers comprehensive tour booking software, including its revolutionary TrueConnect platform. “We steer our clients’ success by not only incorporating a tightly-integrated suite of online booking tools, an in-house reservation system, a marketing automation platform, lead generation and lead nurturing tools, and online liability waivers, but also a ground-breaking channel management and distribution system we call TrueConnect,” says Brandon Lake, CEO of RESMARK Systems.

This brand new TrueConnect platform was built into the new RESMARK application with a keen focus on guests’ interaction with technology. Along with handling the complexities associated with product offerings, RESMARK’s recently-released TrueConnect platform allows tour and activity operators to sell inventory in a new and powerful way. By connecting inventory between suppliers and resellers through this revolutionary approach, resellers can not only sell a suppliers products for a net rate or commission, but also customize each supplier connection, product mix, and even product details and pricing.
Resellers are also entitled to create their own network and customize their tour mix perfectly to their target customers. Already, RESMARK is reporting unprecedented sales and efficiencies for users on the new platform with suppliers now connecting in real-time with travel agents, activity desks, hotel concierges, travel websites and other local tour companies.

By identifying the need for tour companies to customize their inventory—considering the ceaseless variations in vacation experiences—RESMARK Systems’ solution renders several modifiable elements throughout the sales process. This includes inventory settings, user-defined payment requirements, personalized labels, data collection fields, customizable reports, unlimited lead forms, and custom document templates. With such an adaptable value proposition in the arsenal, RESMARK enables their customers to be flexible towards the complex needs of its users. Additionally, users can customize the entire booking process through the RESMARK API to create online booking flows or allow integration with other systems.

Much of the recent growth in RESMARK Systems’ client base is attributed to TrueConnect’s promising potential. One of RESMARK’s clients, Moab Adventure Center, sells rafting, off-road, canyoneering, and national park tours, as well as several tours from local suppliers. Prior to using the new RESMARK platform, Moab Adventure Center employees would continuously make phone calls to check availability of air tours, zip line adventures, horseback riding, and mountain bike tours. Finding this process arduous and inefficient, Moab Adventure Center sought a more profitable solution. RESMARK’s TrueConnect platform has enabled Moab Adventure Center to sell supplier inventory as if it was simply an extension of the supplier’s business. Moab Adventure Center is now selling more than twice as many air tours and nearly five times the amount of zip line tours. Local resellers such as hotels around the area can access real-time inventory from Moab Adventure Center via a free RESMARK reseller account. This has helped the Moab Adventure Center increase overall sales by 20 percent. “As similar success stories continue to transpire for other clients, we are looking forward to unveiling more exciting features over coming years to further create impacts in the space,” concludes Lake.


Salt Lake City, UT

Brandon Lake, CEO

Identifying the complexities associated with the travel and hospitality industry, Utah-based RESMARK Systems, delivers comprehensive online tour booking and reservation software, including a revolutionary platform called TrueConnect. With a keen focus on guests’ interaction with technology, RESMARK unveiled and mitigated industry-specific challenges by developing a fully-integrated tour booking suite that includes powerful tools for distribution, marketing, sales, and operations. The recently released RESMARK platform allows tour operators to sell inventory in a new and powerful way, creating unprecedented sales results for its users