RJ Young: Empowering the Pandemic-Riddled Business World with Robust AV Solutions

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AJ Baggott, COO
COVID-19 has undoubtedly taken a massive toll on businesses across the globe. Companies were impelled into adopting digital technologies at scale to sustain their operations and foster remote work culture.

This disruption drove the need for cloud-based audiovisual solutions to help working professionals, educators, students, and businesses collaborate seamlessly and adhere to the social distancing protocols.

For example, in the education industry, most schools and other educational institutions already have virtually engaged classrooms where teachers continue to educate students directly from their respective homes. Also, in the healthcare sector, several clinics and hospitals have shifted their focus to virtual appointments and telehealth facilities.

However, irrespective of the industry and market, many organizations still face a daunting challenge on better positioning their business for the new digital normal and set its teams up for success.

To this end, Nashville, Tennessee-based RJ Young provides cutting-edge audiovisual technology solutions to help small to enterprise-level organizations evolve into modern workplaces and increase productivity to deliver better and efficient services to their customers.

The company’s audiovisual technology stack includes collaboration spaces, interactive whiteboards and displays, digital indoor signage and video conferencing solutions. “We provide a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to our customers so they can easily perform their business operations and adapt to the rapidly changing digital transformation process,” asserts AJ Baggott, the COO at RJ Young.

For employees and businesses working remotely and already being accustomed to digital media, audiovisual solutions have become a natural and necessary means of progression that all organizations should prioritize to improve communication. This is where RJ Young thrives on providing the best audiovisual technology and services that make businesses faster, and more effective.

“We act like consultants rather than sales reps. We pride ourselves on not just being the company that’s going to sell something.

Our motto is to provide customized solutions to organizations as per their needs and design a robust roadmap for their future,” says Baggott.
The company's flagship one-stop technology solution, The Modern Office, includes four categories—office equipment and technology, managed IT solutions and services, business process outsourcing, and digital communications.

Over the years, RJ Young has assisted numerous clients with installing seamless and easy-to-use audiovisual technology. In one instance, a school in Alabama approached the company to go completely digital and virtual regarding their education system due to the COVID-19 situation. One of the technology solutions RJ Young experts provided them with were digital lockers. It allows users to access and place necessary items in the locker – like school assigned laptops – and simultaneously sends a code to a parent’s phone to scan and open the locker for further use. This offers contactless check in and check out benefits as well as security.

In the second phase of their engagement with schools, RJ Young provided the schools with interactive whiteboards, including audiovisual capabilities for live-streaming classes. In a pilot program, the company delivered more than 200 interactive whiteboardsto help classrooms facilitate their distance learning programs. Additionally, even when physically in the classrooms, whiteboards offer an interactive and more visual learning experience that enhances comprehension.

We provide a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to our customers so they can easily perform their business operations and adapt to the rapidly changing digital transformation process,” asserts AJ Baggott, the COO at RJ Young.

“Today, we are placing around 3,500 interactive whiteboards in the entire district. The whiteboards enhance teaching quality whether the students are in person or remote. It’s a necessary teaching technology in a pandemic-proof classroom,” elucidates Baggott.

Sprinting ahead in full steam, RJ Young is excited about implementing robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities into their set of solutions. With a vision to keep no stones unturned, the company is set to introduce an office space hoteling facility to enable clients to bring software packages and cloud-based solutions to hotel into their office spaces. “We are making certain progressive plans toward our product growth and geographical expansion so we can continue to anticipate and exceed our customers’ technological requirements easily, concludes Baggott.

RJ Young

Nashville, TN

AJ Baggott, COO

RJ Young is an industry leader that provides technology solutions that power Southeastern businesses. RJ Young helps small to enterprise-level organizations transition into modern workplaces and increase productivity with comprehensive managed IT solutions, office equipment and technology, business process outsourcing and digital communications. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been partnering with businesses since 1955 and has more than 600 team members in more than 30 sales and service locations across nine states

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