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John Skinner, CEO Studies show that citizens who are satisfied with public service are nine times more likely to trust the government. No wonder government agencies are moving the needle with new digital transformation initiatives to gain citizen support.

To establish a digitally driven public service infrastructure, government offices across the U.S. are not just overhauling frontend processes, they are also reengineering back-end ecosystems to deliver better outcomes to people, businesses, and communities.

Revenue processing has witnessed phenomenal evolution in this regard. Until now, even though citizens and businesses could request revenue services from public offices through simplified digital portals, it took days before their needs were addressed because of sluggish back-end workflow that still depended on legacy infrastructure. With public offices digitalizing their workflow, they are now able to process citizen requests at a significantly faster rate and deliver quicker resolutions.

RSI stands out among the innovators that are powering this megatrend in the public sector for its cutting-edge tax administration solution.

”In a Nutshell, our Platform is to Tax Administration What Salesforce is to Sales and Marketing”

The company leverages its robust and customizable SaaS platform, revX, to modernize the tax administration infrastructure of public offices and usher them into the digital future. Designed from the ground up for government revenue processing in the cloud, RSI’s platform brings unmatched operational efficiency, greater revenue collection speed, and compliance optimization for streamlining all the back-end revenue tasks. These competencies are helping public agencies take citizen services to the next level and ramp up approval ratings.

“With revX, many public sector agencies that once depended on siloed and outdated systems are now witnessing a significant acceleration in their tax administration operations and are able to better focus on serving the community,” says John Skinner, CEO of RSI.

Augmenting Revenue Processing with Cloud, AI, and Analytics

As a cloud-native platform, revX offers government agencies the cloud’s speed, agility, and scalability in revenue processing. The platform easily connects with all the parallel digital solutions leveraged by the revenue offices, forming a safe and centralized database for all the critical data. The platform accommodates all the complex tax calculations for tax-increment financing zones, taxreinvestment zones, special assessments, clean energy, and tax credits, saving public sector personnel from the time-consuming calculations that once used to take hours or days. The platform also delivers responsive and real-time notifications to the users, helping them efficiently track and manage tax forms, while resolving citizens’ issues in a timely manner.

The revX platform addresses the different aspects of the tax administration workflow through customized, prepackaged modules. The ‘revX Revenue’ module helps revenue officers futureproof their tax processes. It enables clients to quickly collect and organize taxes and process the revenue in compliance with regulations. Revenue officials can even set rules for funds distribution after collection and processing, eliminating the need to do it manually.

These functionalities are further enhanced by TaxMaster, an audit workpapers module designed to enhance audit efficiency and consistency. The module enables clients to audit more than 30 tax types with greater speed and accuracy. It comprises six tightly integrated tools, which frees them from dependence on siloed applications.
By combining the functions of all the legacy applications, the centralized module streamlines the data entry tasks of auditors and helps them focus on performing the audits rather than on the repetitive processes. Ultimately, the module allows the auditors to follow a clear and consistent methodology, which always adheres to the international fuel tax association and the international registration plan (IFTA/ IRP) auditing standards. By facilitating a simplified audit review, the module ensures a clear and comprehensive presentation of the audit findings.

The company also offers a specialized module, revX Property, for capturing owner information, processing property taxes, and collecting funds. Along with self-paced tax roll review and acceptance processing, the module generates tax assessments and bills. All information, from property review to bill generation, is stored in the revX database and can be used by relevant personnel to create clear tax reports as needed.

The effectiveness of these modules is further augmented by the RevX platform’s AI-powered analytics capabilities. By drawing insights from its vast information database, the platform enables revenue agencies to improve their future outcomes. It also allows them to make informed decisions to ensure compliance or to serve citizens better.

The AI function also anticipates common queries of citizens regarding their taxes and prepares the tax officials beforehand to respond quickly with the most appropriate answers.

A Platform that Grows with the Agency

The revX platform’s flexibility and scalability are tied to the growth and evolution of the revenue agencies. The company’s clients can continually add new modules or integrate other solutions as the complexity of their workflow increases. The microservices architecture of revX offers agencies the flexibility to deploy new functionalities without affecting the existing infrastructure. For instance, the tax brackets of people vary according to their incomes and investments, requiring different configurations. Traditionally, such configurations were difficult and costly, requiring the help of software engineers. revX, however, enables users to easily set configurations for processing taxes to accurately determine taxpayer revenue.

RSI makes this happen through revX’s powerful logic engine—logiX, and a low-code/no-code architecture. Instead of software engineers writing, compiling, and deploying the software code, logiX allows users to easily create modules and drag-and-drop the required functionalities. This ability to customize the platform without external assistance enables agencies to respond swiftly to policy, regulatory, and law changes without significant cost or long implementation times.

This enables the clients to easily tackle today’s challenges and brace for tomorrow’s disruptions. For instance, if a revenue accounting department has implemented the revX current revenue module, and a new blockchain-based system disrupts the revenue accounting space at some point, the client would be able to easily integrate the blockchain system without interfering with the existing tax administration infrastructure.

“In a nutshell, our platform is to tax administration what Salesforce is to sales and marketing,” states Skinner.

Setting the Benchmarks for Implementation, Usability, and Security

Since the platform is hosted in the cloud, the total cost ownership (TCO) is also reduced by a significant extent. Instead of hosting their tax administration applications on massive servers at onsite data centers, using expensive hardware, users now need only conventional digital devices to access the web-based revX platform.
Even the constant hardware upgrades are eliminated when scaling up, as revX takes care of all the computing capabilities and enables users to easily expand or add new modules without worrying about infrastructure upgrades.

RSI’s focus on security is also quite noteworthy. The company’s revX platform is built with IRS Publication 1075 security controls, along with world-class security, FedRAMP protection, and compliance. Its threat intelligence capabilities enable the users to easily detect potential attacks and leverage the built-in security controls to block malicious activities. Users can leverage advanced analytics to find and fix the vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Adding to this defensive ‘wall’ is another layer of security inherent in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud where revX is hosted. As a Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 5 secure cloud and the gold standard for cloud products and services for federal agencies, it adds a ‘fortress’ around the platform. RSI’s clients can rest assured that revX is one of the most secured platforms in the world. Not to mention, both Microsoft and RSI will be continually updating their respective security protocols based on the evolving threat landscape.

With Revx, Many Public Sector Agencies that once Depended on Siloed and Outdated Systems are Now Witnessing a Significant Acceleration in Their Tax Administration Operations and are Able to Better Focus on Serving the Community

Such competencies, both in terms of implementation and utilization, are empowering revenue agencies across the world to achieve phenomenal results, such as a large municipality that implemented the revX platform and reduced its operational costs by 25 percent. Similarly, many cities, counties, and states are increasingly leveraging revX to optimize their resources and improve operational efficiency. With such success stories, RSI is proving how cutting-edge technologies can transform the public sector and make it future-ready.

Blazing a Trail of Innovation into the Future

From the very beginning, RSI has been at the forefront of innovation. In 1996, the company emerged as a ‘David among Goliaths,’ quickly dominating the custom software consulting and implementation space. RSI had implemented customized software for one of its clients, which was a significant step up from the existing applications in the tax administration sector. However, as the cloud gained traction, RSI decided to move the software to the cloud to provide its client with greater flexibility and scalability. This successful engagement became the foundation of the cloud-native revX platform.

Today, the company strives to improve the capabilities of its offering to meet evolving client needs. RSI’s superior support for its clients is an added advantage. The team works closely with clients to comprehend the intricacies of day-today business operations. Skinner spends much of his time traveling across North America to understand firsthand the challenges of various government agencies, enabling his team to keep their finger on the pulse of the public sector trends.

As new operational challenges crop up for public sector firms, RSI plans to keep building new modules on its platform to efficiently ease and streamline the revenue workflows. It will deploy modules for unemployment tax and labor tax, as well. As the public sector rolls out large-scale digital transformations, RSI will guide its digitization goals and usher them into a more efficient and productive future.


Pembroke, MA

John Skinner, CEO

RSI brings the competencies of cloud-native architecture, low-code/no-code application development, and artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics into a single platform to revolutionize government revenue processing. Designed from the ground up for government revenue processing in the cloud, RSI’s platform brings unmatched operational efficiency, greater revenue collection speed, and compliance optimization for streamlining all the back end revenue tasks.