SABIO GmbH: Using Integration to Deliver Knowledge across Applications

Hendrik Buske, Head of Sales & Marketing
Knowledge is the most valuable resource that any company can possess. However, it is also important to enable its proper distribution, access, and adoption to benefit users. An efficient knowledge management system provides major strategic and competitive advantage to its users. SABIO was designed keeping this in mind, in order to enhance data utilization within organizations. With its team of motivated people, this innovative company aims to provide a knowledge management system that can be integrated easily with other applications, software, web browsers and the like, to ensure that no information is lost.

In an interview with CIOReview, Hendrik Buske, Head of Sales and Marketing at SABIO, talks about the simplistic nature of the company’s solution and how it improves the user experience.

What are the current trends in the knowledge management market? How does SABIO keep pace with the changing market trends?

Today, it has become necessary to provide an omnichannel experience. Customers want the data they seek to be available in a crisp, concise format, which requires minimal effort to access. SABIO caters to this demand with its customer contact channels and customer experience management.

SABIO aims to provide information across channels, without limiting it to any kind of applications. In addition, the company produces content on other channels such as website FAQs, chatbots, and a variety of other apps. We publish knowledge proactively across end-user channels by integrating them with the SABIO system. The key to the success of such integrations is the context of the integration. Knowledge is always only as valuable as the context in which it is placed. SABIO takes the customer's situation into account in order to make the most of knowledge.

Artificial intelligence is another emerging trend in the knowledge management market. We are investing in this sector to improve search capabilities for refining the information delivered, and enhancing our system’s ability to learn from its interactions with users and customers.

Give us a brief overview of your company and walk us through your Knowledge Management Solution on the basis of its methodology, features, and benefits involved.

SABIO was initially popular in German-speaking countries, namely, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We adopted an online marketing strategy in 2017, which made our solution accessible to customers across the globe. SABIO belongs to the Serviceware SE group, one of the leading providers for enterprise service management.

SABIO is a SaaS-based solution. The online availability of our product, coupled with the free 30-day trial, proved to be a game-changer as it enabled potential customers to integrate our solution with their software and observe its functioning in real-time before purchase. The solution is fast and easy to set up and provides instant guidance that ensures seamless onboarding.

If you imagine a contact center and contact center agents, then you know that they often work with a variety of applications to handle customer requests in the best possible way.

We believe that successful integration is a ticket to success

A knowledge base should not be an additional system, but should complement the other systems, such as CRM or ticketing systems, with knowledge and display it there.

SABIO not only manages and organizes a company’s data but also prevents any loss of knowledge, especially when employees leave a company. We centralize information and make it available to different customer groups in a fast and efficient manner with our powerful search engine.

What differentiates SABIO from other players in the knowledge management market? Tell us about the key aspects of the company that have helped you succeed over the years, and kept you ahead of the game.

Our key to success is SABIO's "Ease of use". We are committed to making both the application and the features as simple as possible, which gives us the highest user adoption rate. The simplicity and highly intuitive nature of our system enable customers to use it without requiring additional training. We understand knowledge management as a process and accompany all our clients through targeted consulting to ensure that they get the most out of their knowledge management.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions?

Transgourmet, a specialized supplier of food and non-food goods and point of sales in industries such as food and beverage, hotel, and hospitality, had heterogeneous and extensive service center knowledge. Each of its agents handled up to 150 customers daily, and information regarding the varying backgrounds of its customers and its diverse product ranges was stored in multiple places. SABIO partially replaced Transgourmet’s intranet to create a single source of truth that provided updated and verified information whenever required. Transgourmet’s operations and receiver manuals were digitized and SABIO news function was adopted as the internal communications tool. In addition, SABIO’s integrated monitoring features transformed the customer’s internal and external projects. Overwhelming user acceptance greeted the knowledge management system, and the daily customer response rate increased to 92.6 percent. The handling time in the customer service section reduced significantly. As SABIO replaced and eliminated other knowledge sources, the error rates caused by the loss of outdated information and documents also dropped drastically.

What does the future hold for your organization?

We want to make knowledge even easier to access, both for employees and for customers. Therefore, we aim to develop some powerful and universal integration features that allow it to bring knowledge to any place where it is needed. This aspect will mark a move away from stand-alone knowledge databases to fully integrated plug-ins, which is expected to benefit customers by enabling them to use SABIO in any application, based on their requirements.


Hamburg, Germany

Hendrik Buske, Head of Sales & Marketing

SABIO Knowledge offers customer advisory services and other business entities, where knowledge is a key component, a browser-based ‘knowledge and information management solution. SABIO supports over 100,000 Users in more than 120 Companies to delight its customers with service excellence. Through the goal is to simplify complex technologies to ensure a high user acceptance level and to channel & focus systems knowledge to a point. Employing integrated interface technology, The agents can apply SABIO knowledge with playful ease in response and ticket solutions, chats, web-self services or and many other applications