Salsify: An Agile Approach to Product Information Delivery

Adam Ferrari, EVP of Engineering
Selling their products through eight brands in more than 25 countries on 50 e-commerce websites, and in 21 languages, Harman International Industries, Inc., was aiming to personalize product information delivery to meet the evolving customer demands. The American subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, however, had to confront the challenges posed by their on-premise legacy product information management (PIM) system that would lower the overall system performance. This was when Harman International engaged with Salsify, a Massachusetts-based firm, to transform its PIM to achieve the goal of enhanced product experience for the consumers. With Salsify’s new age SaaS platform for enterprise product information management (PIM), Harman International could quickly update the content and add more websites as and when they launched more brands. At a time when consumer demands are its zenith, Salsify empowers business users to control the product information and use it for maximum consumer experience. “With our SaaS-based Product Experience Management (PXM) solution, we enable brand manufacturers to quickly meet today’s consumer demands constantly by delivering relevant product content in an agile manner,” states Adam Ferrari, EVP of Engineering at Salsify.

With their PXM solution, Salsify brings together the traditional capabilities of PIM and digital asset management into a single system. The company allows business users to control and enrich product content from multiple sources centrally. They can import and transform digital assets such as images, videos, and data sheets for use across marketing and e-commerce platforms. Salsify also features a tool that efficiently allows enhanced content to be created, syndicated, and maintained on Amazon and Walmart for any product in the portfolio.
What is more, the business users at brands can efficiently manage and customize data feeds and API connections that allow them to deliver content that meets each retailer’s and endpoint’s requirements. They can easily connect the data to the workflows, publish the data, and reanalyze them to enhance product information experience. The company’s solution perfectly bridges the gulf created by the legacy systems that are built for governance rather than agility.

While businesses aim at having control over their content on websites or mobile applications, they also need to improve their product pages with data-driven insights. Salsify’s mines its multi-tenant SaaS database of more than 30 million products for insights that will drive sales improvement and market share on the retailer’s site. Salsify’s solution assesses the quality of data, completeness of the content on product pages, the content’s ability to convert a visitor into a customer, and search (SEO) performance. Clients can leverage this performance visibility and easily convert the reports into recommendations that can be incorporated into their workflow, eventually improving their sales performance. In addition, Salsify educates large enterprises with the best practices followed by the many successful agile companies who are taking an agile approach to business management.

With its powerful reporting and recommendations capabilities, Salsify will continue to provide more in-depth analytics through more AI-based predictive suggestions to be adopted for better business productivity. The company also intends to enhance its recently launched product called the Salsify Command Center for Amazon that provides brands with the visibility and control of their Amazon operations. With its infinite pool of innovative plans and the vision to bring those to reality, Salsify continues to help brands to create and empower content to drive rich consumer experiences in an agile and iterative manner.


Boston, MA

Adam Ferrari, EVP of Engineering

Salsify empowers brands to win on the digital shelf with enterprise information solutions. The vision of the company is to give cross-functional teams access to a searchable database of assets. Assist the transformation of digital assets in all formats, including images, video, and documents. The digital shelf, powered by Salsify combines all of the elements that a brand needs to succeed in the digital shelf including PIM, DAM, digital catalogs, syndication, GDSN, digital shelf analytics, enhanced content, third-party marketplaces and chat. Thousands of brands across all major retail & industrial categories trust Salsify with their digital shelf