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Bill Wood, North America President
“The old way won’t open new doors,” begins Bill Wood, president North America, SALTO Systems, as he touches upon how the needs of some of the world’s largest facilities have gone well beyond the capabilities and reach of traditional electronic or mechanical key solutions. In a world where the risk to security looms large, Wood believes that innovation and new capabilities in the digital era are “key” to success. The team at SALTO Systems has been and is continuing to lead the charge to build new capabilities and functionalities that were previously impossible and can dramatically change the status quo in the realm of access control. Their modus operandi: shed old methodologies and rapidly embrace the modern electronic and information technologies to devise a world-class access control system.

SALTO Systems was born with a singular focus on developing electronic locking systems that allow managing, securing and controlling various elements in an organization through a single platform, increase the visibility and improve building performance as well as user experience. “We are a mile ahead of the traditional electronic access control solutions that people are using in their facilities to open doors. Our innovative, advanced and highly-flexible electronic locking solutions empower businesses to accomplish not just safety and security goals but also improve their operational intelligence, and customer and employee experience at a lower cost,” says Wood. “Our solutions are extended to many more openings or ‘doors’ in a building compared to traditional offerings. These extensions provide operational insights that no other application in the industry is capable of delivering.”

SALTO Systems manufactures both the hardware elements that are used to secure a facility as well as the management platforms necessary to operate those. The company has meticulously developed a powerful and flexible access control software—ProAccess SPACE. This on-premise platform with a full HTML5 interface leverages the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN)—a technology that provides the flexibility for an access control system to grow from a small number of doors and users to a large number of doors and users as required. It is configured, controlled and managed in real time with just a click of a mouse. Changing or deleting access rights, downloading audit trail information from the escutcheons and cylinders, collecting the battery status and much more is done in real-time in a very efficient way. Even if the radio link is interrupted or breaks down, the system will continue to work, as the virtual network of the battery-operated escutcheons and cylinders remains operative through SALTO SVN.

ProAccess SPACE utilizes SVN to manage openings and wire-free devices and enables the distribution and maintenance of user privileges with Salto data-on-card and the read/write capabilities of each device.

Our solutions are extended to many more openings or ‘doors’ in a building compared to traditional offerings

As a result, the control locations (typically entrance/exits) can be connected online via BLUEnet RF technology, instead of traditionally wired network connections. “This connection facilitates the updating and synchronization process of the data-on-the-card system, enabling expansion of control throughout the facility without the need of additional wiring and RF infrastructure. This brings about a significant reduction in installation costs as well as simplifying the hardware itself,” adds Wood. “While organizations today struggle to find the right talent, our solutions enable the critical operations to be easily managed and maintained without specialized technical support staff needed at every level.” This flexibility, coupled with the company’s simplified approach to extending centralized management and control features far exceeds the applications that were traditionally limited to just simple mechanical keys.

From commercial, education, government, healthcare, to hospitality, leisure and entertainment, and transport—SALTO Systems serves all verticals. While education and multi-dwelling units form large markets, the company is currently focusing on co-working and co-living spaces. “All verticals where there is high turnover and demand for high-service tend to gravitate toward a solution like ours,” says Wood. One such case was when International Workspace Group (IWG) approached SALTO for electronic locking solutions for their facilities. At the outset, the client had multiple solution providers; they wanted to isolate down on a single solution set to have uniform operations and use cases for their staff and customers globally. SALTO Systems launched a custom web and mobile solution for IWG in 2017. “Since then all of their new centers across the globe have been outfitted with our products and solutions. They have improved their customer experience significantly. Instead of managing physical keys, IWG now enables network opportunities for its customers around the world with mobile keys and automation to grant access that saves them time and helps their operation to move efficiently,” Wood extols.

The uniqueness of SALTO Systems stems from its ability to work closely with the end users and deliver value by innovating and developing on their challenge. Wood adds, “Continuing this innovation streak; we look forward to empowering others to be successful which is directly proportional to our success.” Later in the year, the company plans a big reveal of a new game-changing platform.

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Bill Wood, North America President

SALTO Systems develops electronic access control solutions that allow managing, securing, and controlling various elements in an organization through a single platform

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