Saviynt: Security and Compliance Management for Amazon Web Services

Amit Saha, COO
Amit Saha, COO of Saviynt, who brings nearly two decades of Information Security and Identity and Access Management expertise, reckons that cloud is changing the way business operates, driven by agility, cost efficiencies, and economies of scale. To this end, there is no denial, that today many organizations are moving their critical applications to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to better manage, secure, and support their IT infrastructure needs.

Though AWS provides a robust platform security, securing critical organizational assets and complying with regulatory requirements directly fall under customer’s shared responsibility. Failure to implement effective security can undermine the benefits of cloud computing, thereby making risk analytics, access governance, and privileged access management indispensable to protect AWS deployments. Addressing this need, Saviynt offers a comprehensive IaaS security and compliance management platform for AWS.

Organizations that need to adhere with compliance mandates such as ITAR, SOX, and PCI or need to secure critical assets and intellectual property on AWS leverage Saviynt to identify and manage risks—creating a state of the art solution for AWS security. In addition, Saviynt also permits enterprises to perform signature-less control analysis for rapid detection, effective investigation and closed-loop security response.

As critical workloads are being deployed on AWS, it is imperative for enterprises to establish and enforce a Minimum-Security Baseline (MSB) across different AWS services. “Saviynt integrates with Amazon Config to provide near real-time preventive controls that implement infrastructure security policies—to stop the launch of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, revert unauthorized access changes, or simply notify upon policy violations,” adds Saha.

Saviynt for AWS enables organizations to not only gain visibility and monitor risks, but also fix them with automated preventive controls

Saviynt accelerates the speed at which organizations can deploy its solutions to gain visibility and access control on AWS and DevOps resources— identifying and mitigating risks, and protecting critical workloads.

The firm’s solution integrates AWS security with enterprise Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) processes—helping organizations manage security and business processes more effectively and efficiently. With the best-in-class solution, Saviynt streamlines IGA processes with business ready access request, approval workflows, risk-based certification and support for federated access. Saviynt’s privileged access management for AWS promotes secure check out of elevated access with integrated multi-level approval workflows and session recording. It also includes advanced usage analytics to identify risky privileged activity and launch activity review, before administrators get access to commission workloads, upload sensitive data, or undertake critical operational activities on AWS / DevOps.

Today, Saviynt takes pride in being one of the Advanced Technology Partners in the AWS Partner Network, since it meets the criteria that include successful customer deployments and thorough reviews of product architecture and delivery—considering security, reliability, performance, and best practices. “Our roadmap aligns closely with the AWS ecosystem, since we have a tight synergy with AWS and their product team. Our future solutions will sync with the new solutions that AWS would be introducing,” concludes Saha.


Los Angeles, CA

Amit Saha, COO

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